This spring I moved to southern China to start a new job. When I arrived there I began clarifying the truth to the local populace. It had been half a year since I clarified the truth about Dafa to all my colleagues and my boss. My boss and managers all promised that they would protect me for as long as they could. I nodded my head and said: "You should protect me. It won't be your fault if you cannot protect me but it will be your fault if you do not protect me." They all laughed.

Later my boyfriend told me that there were very few practitioners in his region to assist him in in doing his very important work, so I decided to move there to help. About that time, the local National Security Bureau started bothering me at work.

When I went to my boss to resign from my job, he told me that the officers from National Security Bureau has been watching me as a main target and that they had also instilled in him lot of incorrect thoughts about Dafa. My boss advised me to throw away my cell phone, because it was probably tapped. Then he insisted that I should say good-bye to him before I left because he had something important to tell me. This made me somewhat curious.

When I came back to my office, my boss stopped by to tell me: "The people from the National Security Bureau want to see you before you leave. They just want to see you, nothing special."

Because he seemed very calm and frank, I promised without a second thought. Right after I uttered the words I instantly thought of the words of Master:

"No matter what the situation, do not cooperate with the evil's demands, orders, or what it instigates." ("Dafa Disciples' Righteous Thought are Powerful")

I immediately realized the vicious intentions of the National Security Bureau; they had deceived my company into believing that they just wanted to see me, but their plan was to arrest me a soon as they saw me. I told my boss right away that I did not want to see them at all, and that my boss should know what kind of people they were. My boss then understood the whole scheme as if he just woken up from a dream. He immediately told me to travel by bus, not by train, and told me the safe way to go. I nodded my head and then left.

As I left the building I was sending righteous thoughts, and I asked Master to strengthen me and to never let the evil catch me and persecute me. At that time I thought of an article written by a fellow practitioner.

In that article, the practitioner was constantly looking into herself to find her own attachments while she was being chased by the evil, and thus got away from the evil. But I thought that if we think that only by finding out our attachments can we escape from the evil, we then acknowledge the persecution arranged by the old forces. This thought also implied that it is alright to persecute us if we have attachments.

I then did not look into myself to find my attachments at all but instead held more strongly my thought that I would completely negate the persecution arranged and initiated by the old forces, and I would eliminate my attachments under the arrangement of Master. I used the public telephone to call practitioners I knew to ask them to help send forth righteous thought. After I returned back home I copied down all the telephone numbers and left my cell phone at home so that the evil might think that I was still within range of their surveillance.

While I was packing, I had a thought that I did not need to carry any luggage but could just leave empty-handed. I then realized that my thought was not correct. Why wouldn't I carry any luggage? I should pack what I needed, otherwise it would cost me lots of money to replace it all. This would also be acknowledging the persecution financially. Finally, I packed all the stuff I needed and then went directly to the bus station. I did not leave by the route suggested by my boss but via another city I chose. Because of this, the evil did not see even my shadow and I successfully reached the place where I am staying now.

I began practicing Dafa in 1998. I had been through a lot of tribulations but I had never been arrested by the evil. In many cases I was in great danger but nothing bad happened to me. I think the main reason is that I completely negate the old forces and only believe in Master's words.

I remember that my father, who is also a practitioner, once said that he dared not go out to clarify the truth about the persecution because he was afraid he would not be able to tolerate torture and would be forced to go to the opposite side against Dafa if he were arrested and imprisoned. I told him that it would not happen because Master said that

"I am rooted in the universe. If anyone can harm you, he or she would be able to harm me. Put simply, that person would be able to harm this universe."

At that time, my father gave me many examples of practitioners being arrested. Although I did not know why these practitioners were arrested, I was very steadfast in my understanding.

Once, I visited a practitioner who was very diligent and had much better xinxing than I had and who also helped me a lot. But she was arrested twice and had a strong attachment to fear. She said: "Be careful, don't be arrested." I replied: "No, I won't." She repeated herself three times and I also replied her with the same words three times. Later, she suddenly understood and said: "This is righteous thought!" I said: "Master will never arrange for us to cultivate in jail. We are disciples of Master and we are walking on the path that Master arranges for us."

Once, a police car came roaring up with siren blaring right behind me; once, right after I finished delivering truth-clarifying material, a police car stopped right in front of the gate; once, I was watched by a security bureau officer in a university; once, I was spotted by an agent while in a hospital (note: The writer was wanted by the National Security Bureau, and a "Most Wanted"poster had been circulated.) But I kept thinking: "It has nothing to do with me. I am not a bad person. What I am doing is the most righteous." Then I walked on calmly right past the police car. One time when I suddenly came face to face with a policeman, upon thinking of the three things requested by Master, I clarified truth to the officer with a dignified and imposing attitude. The police officer became much calmer and more reasonable as he listened to the truth.

Recently I have been reciting the Fa a lot. I have recited nine lectures so far. Along with reciting the Fa, I have come to understand many things which were not clear before. My understanding of the Fa is a true and deep understanding.

One day when I was clarifying truth to a relative, I suddenly realized that all of the bad notions and ideas in my mind were gone, including fear, the vicious Party's theories and all human thoughts and human feelings that ordinary people have. Instead, there was only Fa in my mind. I just knew that as long as I did things according to the Fa, it would be so easy to talk about the "three withdrawals"(quitting the Chinese Communist Party and its two affiliated organizations) It was enough to just talk a little bit naturally.

On many occasions after leaving the homes of my relatives, I had tears almost falling down my face. I also sensed that a righteous thought is not to fear nothing and no one but to hold benevolence and to be concerned only about how to save sentient beings; making our behavior assimilate with the principles of the universe-Truthfulness-Benevolence-Tolerance; to let sentient beings be saved and evil be eliminated through our benevolence.

My purpose and intent in writing this article is that practitioners will be able to completely negate the persecution by the old forces. I saw in many articles from Minghui incomplete righteous thoughts. In many cases, the practitioners went with the police to the police stations and then escaped from the police stations by their righteous thoughts. I believe that the practitioners, instead of sending forth righteous thoughts from the very beginning, just passively accepted persecution by the evil and then sent forth righteous force to disintegrate the persecution.

I think that when we are ordered around by the evil we should not listen to them and not be moved by them either. The evil is not supposed to exist in the universe, does not have the right to speak and not to mention to have the right to manipulate Dafa practitioners. In our hearts we should clearly hold Master's words and remember to do whatever Master tells us to do.

Master asked us to do three things well, including to clarify truth. Master did not ask us to endure persecution. It is not a righteous thought that a practitioner should go to jail have to then defend herself against persecution to get away from the evil with dignity. Instead, the more righteous thought is that practitioners should not be persecuted at all and just do the three things well. I also hope that practitioners should not have the hero complex, thinking that it is admirable to be beaten up without surrender.

Further, I would like to remind practitioners to study the Fa and recite the Fa more. When I am reciting the Fa, I can eliminate any notion or idea whenever it arises in my thoughts, and replace it with the Fa. I just want to assimilate with the Fa and nothing else. Actually, after I started reciting the Fa I found out that all the notions that I could not eliminate by force before were all gone naturally. The attachment of fear also faded away when I was confronted with ordinary people. It became much easier and more natural to clarify the truth to people too. Because this is the Fa! During this period the Fa demands that we be this way.

When we study the Fa more, the so-called tribulations transformed by the old forces will never be able to manipulate us at all. It is just like an adult watching a child playing with building blocks. No matter how the child plays, this adult will never climb on those building blocks. Amidst the pseudo-tribulations which happen in mainland China, I will not slow down my path. Before when I was walking on the road I did not fell scared and still walked swiftly, because I could see clearly the cliffs on the two sides of the road.

Nowadays, the road becomes so foggy due to the old forces, and I seem unsure of how to step out safely. But because of the bright light of the Fa in front of me, I can take every step solidly and safely. Because I study the Fa a lot, my steps are not slow at all and I follow closely the path of Master's Fa-rectification. Because I firmly believe in the Fa, the most safe way is just to follow the Fa.

To truly validate the Fa is not to show fortitude during persecution. That is already something of a deviation.

To truly validate the Fa well is to cultivate ourselves well and at the same time to clarify the truth to save sentient beings. Only by doing these things well can we validate that the Fa is omnipotent.