"Demonic Interference From One's Own Mind" is a dreadful matter for cultivators. However, there are still people who experience demonic interference from their own minds. What's more worrisome is that some practitioners casually believe what these people say and believe that they are at high levels. Looking at the reason, it is that some practitioners are still attached deep down inside to whether or not they will reach high levels after they complete cultivation. Deep in their hearts, they hope that they will reach high levels, the higher the better.

I remember that while sharing experiences with fellow practitioners at a practice site, many people said that they would be satisfied if they could go beyond the Three Realms. Everyone at that time did not realize how high one could cultivate in Dafa. As Master taught the Fa at higher and higher levels, He touched on the issue of the levels we may reach after completing cultivation in the future. Some practitioners shared about how high a level they had reached while sitting in meditation or during sleep. Everyone began to realize that through cultivating Dafa, one could cultivate to levels beyond imagination. Therefore, human greed can easily lead one to be attached to one's own level. Meanwhile, this person also hopes that he too came from high levels, and that in the future, that he too can cultivate to even higher levels.

The attachment manifests in such a way that when some practitioners see a little of something in other dimensions, or enlighten to a little bit of something, they think it came from high levels. They think that in the future, they can also cultivate to high levels. Consequently, their attachment of elation and zealotry arises. If these kinds of people cannot handle themselves well, they will easily encounter demonic interference from their own minds, and go everywhere talking about whatever they have seen or enlightened to, and even spread things created by demonic interference from one's own mind.

Another manifestation is that those people who are deeply attached to levels listen excitedly to and believe the words of others who "cultivate high and enlighten to things well." They think that these practitioners have cultivated well, their levels are high, and from them, we can hear of even higher understandings and instantaneously understand even higher Fa principles. Unknowingly, they will start to idolize and worship these people.

Moreover, these people who are attached to their levels become delighted if they suddenly understand a principle during Fa study. They really want to tell other practitioners. If practitioners praise them and say that they have enlightened so well, at such a high level, they feel so pleased with themselves. Actually, this is using human attachments to think about the state of gods. It is all due to not understanding the relevant Fa principles.

Years back, some practitioners thought they would be satisfied if they made it out of the Three Realms, because they knew that if they went beyond the Three Realms, they did not have to go through the reincarnation cycle of samsara. They wanted to be immortal. Afterwards, Master talked about the Falun paradise, and again there were people who thought that it would be good if they could go to the Falun paradise, since they knew that the Falun paradise is more beautiful. It is not wrong for humans to pursue happiness, but for a cultivator, it is an attachment. If for example, suppose we knew that no matter how hard we cultivated, we could not go beyond the Three Realms, would we still cultivate?

Weren't there disciples who asked this kind of question to Teacher in the 1999 Teaching the Fa at the Fa Conference in Australia:

Student: "… some people will experience the Unlocking of Gong or become enlightened… at a very low level." In the case of such a person, what point is there in arranging them to Consummate?

Teacher: You feel it’s not meaningful, but others find it meaningful! Non-cultivators all feel quite satisfied with achieving even a little bit of accomplishment among everyday people. They feel that it’s quite meaningful and that they are really enjoying their lives. Isn’t that how it works? As different cultivators Consummate at certain levels, it is meaningful to them!"

With regard to cultivation levels, what we are speculating on is what things will be like after Consummation is reached. When we talk about the state of gods, we cannot think about these issues using human ways of thinking. Humans think that for everything, the higher the better. We are now amongst humans. We have heard Master teaching the Fa, we know that above very high level enlightened beings, there are even higher great enlightened beings. And there are even higher and higher ones. This is what we know on the human level. However, we do not know how those Buddhas, Daos, and Gods see things.

After studying the Fa, my understanding is that when you complete cultivation, from your perspective, you are at the highest level, and you don't even know there are higher gods than you. So if that's the case, is there still any meaning to high or low levels? You basically don't know that there are higher worlds, higher Fa principles. It becomes meaningless to you. If you really hear about higher Fa principles, you may not believe it anymore. Then, to you, higher enlightened beings don't exist, although they do exist. They may manifest as celestial phenomena to you. You are merely doing things in accordance with the celestial phenomena.

As long as we are cultivating within Dafa, and doing things according to what Master said, even if it is merely higher than the current level we are presently at, it still has great meaning. Even if in the future, our cultivation can only enable us to succeed in becoming an enlightened being on the lowest level, we are still the highest on that level, because we are the king of Fa (i.e., the guardian of Fa) for that level. As long as we have achieved Consummation, compared to those enlightened beings who are 10,000 times higher than us, the meaning is the same. At that point, only an enlightened being who is higher would know the difference, but that would be meaningless to us.

In conclusion, I once again advise those people encountering demonic interference from their own minds to wake up. The above is my personal cultivation experience, please correct me if there is anything inappropriate.