(Clearwisdom.net) In the past, when farmers in Northern China used donkeys to pull the millstone to grind grain, they would first put blinders on the donkey's eyes (See photo below). Why was that? Without having their blindfolds, the donkeys would refuse to move, but once blindfolded, with a bit of whipping from their handler, they pull the millstone around and around.

"Blindfolding the Donkey to Make it Pull the Millstone" reminds me of today's Chinese society, where the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) treats the Chinese people like donkeys, essentially putting blinders on them by blocking and controlling information. They brainwash the people and create confusion in their minds, at the same time oppressing and enslaving them with high-pressure tyranny. Just like the farmers of old, whipping the donkeys to make them pull the millstone. During the persecution of Falun Gong, the CCP has used such policies to the extreme.

In order to fan hatred among the people against Falun Gong, and to create an artificial environment and conjure excuses to justify their persecution of Falun Gong, the CCP blockades and controls all relevant information in China, blockading websites, radio broadcasts, TV transmissions and newspapers that Falun Gong practitioners outside of China use to clarify the truth. At the same time, they fabricate lies and frame Falun Gong to deceive the population, preventing the people from learning the true facts. CCP officials also use heavy pressure and tempt people with material benefits to get them to participate in the persecution.

The CCP's policy of treating people like "blindfolded donkeys" is most vulnerable when the information blockade is broken through, and when people are able to learn the truth. When this happens, the CCP will no longer be able to deceive people and make them blindly follow orders to persecute the innocent. Falun Gong practitioners' actions in appealing, breaking through the CCP information blockade, distributing truth-clarifying materials, exposing the persecution, including suspected organ harvesting from living Falun Gong practitioners, widely disseminating the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party and other actions are for the benefit of the Chinese people. Not only do those actions fall within the realm of freedom of speech that is protected by the Chinese Constitution, they also help return to the population their right to know, all for the total benefit of the Chinese people. These actions have nothing to do with politics.

The CCP has taken a severe hit and has run scared from the fact that many people get to know the truth through Falun Gong practitioners' efforts of exposing the actual incidents of the persecution. Such exposure has hit a vital part of the CCP policy of treating people like "blindfolded donkeys," and they are now afraid. For example, a recent news leak revealed that the Public Security Department in a Northeast China area held a secret meeting not too long ago, issuing the latest CCP persecution policy for Falun Gong, the main gist of which is this: First, Falun Gong has a huge impact in society, and [they] are quick in exposing the persecution. This has given Public Security a bad name. Therefore, dealing with the Falun Gong issues should be "secret." "Do not make it public, do not spread the news around," so as to keep the negative affect to a minimum. Second: "Some Public Security personnel, after browsing Falun Gong sites at length, have developed a loyalty problem, pondering with which side they stand. This has made the persecution of Falun Gong more and more of an issue of defense. Because of this, Public Security personnel will no longer be permitted to browse Falun Gong websites, such as the Minghui website."

Of course, no one likes being treated like a blindfolded donkey. That is the chief reason why the CCP is so fearful of someone removing people's blindfolds. Even the CCP's strictly-controlled Public Security personnel discern things clearly after browsing Falun Gong websites, and have seen through the evilness of the persecution. Once people learn the truth, they prefer not to cooperate with the CCP in the persecution, and no longer consent to being blindly ordered around. On the other hand, the CCP will never change its evil hoodlum nature and will continue to spend huge amounts of money to block access to Falun Gong practitioners outside of China and their emails, and will interfere with their radio broadcasts and TV transmissions. They will continue to unlawfully arrest and sentence Falun Gong practitioners who have stepped forward to clarify the truth and expose the CCP's crimes. The CCP will do all it can to tightly blindfold people and prevent them from seeing the truth.

The CCP's policy of treating the people like "blindfolded donkeys" also includes "killing the donkey the moment it leaves the millstone." The CCP has used many Public Security personnel and police officers as tools in their persecution of innocent people. Whenever the CCP finds it hard "to wind it up," they will throw these people to the wolves as scapegoats. To give a vivid example, after the Cultural Revolution, a group of policemen were secretly executed as scapegoats. It follows then that those people whose minds are still poisoned and driven by the CCP should really think carefully for their own sake and that of their family members.

Once people learn the true facts they will no longer want to be "blindfolded donkeys." This is a long standing truth, particularly in view of the unstoppable, surging current of people quitting the CCP. With the efforts from all conscience-driven, kind-hearted people and those with a sense of justice, this tactic is no longer working, particularly so due to the unyielding efforts of overseas Falun Gong practitioners in breaking through the information blockade and clarifying the truth. The CCP policy of treating people like "blindfolded donkeys" is their own downfall.