(Clearwisdom.net) Practitioner Mr. Sun Changping and his mother were arrested on September 19, 2006, at their home by police officers from the Lushuihe Town Police Station. The police officers intruded into Mr. Sun's home at lunchtime and began to search his home. When the police officers started to take Teacher's picture away, Mr. Sun tried to stop them and the police officers beat him until his nose and mouth were bleeding. Mr. Sun shouted, "Falun Dafa is good!" The police twisted Mr. Sun's arms behind his back and pushed their knees against his back in order to stop him from shouting. The pain almost caused Mr. Sun to lose consciousness. The police officers then handcuffed him and left him in this position during his entire detention at the Lushuihe Town Police Station.

Mr. Sun was next taken to the Fusong County Detention Center. The police officers gagged him because he shouted, "Falun Dafa is good." When he went on a hunger strike to protest the illegal detention and abuse, they tied Sun Changping onto the Death Bed and brutally force-fed him.

Mr. Sun's sister and her husband went to several government departments, including the Fusong County Police Station, the State Security Department, the Political Security Section and the Appeals Office. They requested that the authorities release Mr. Sun and his mother. Mr. Sun's sister and brother-in-law were given the run-around for twenty-five days, which caused them to suffer tremendously, both mentally and financially. When they requested the release of their family members at the Fusong County Police Station, Deputy Chief Qi Yanzhong threatened them and said, "You can go and appeal everywhere you like, it does not matter." Chief Wang Yunwu said, "If you can "transform" them, I will release them." Some officials from other related departments would leave or ignore the family as soon as they saw them.

Because she could not get any justice, Mr. Sun's sister wore a shirt printed with a message calling for the release of her family members. When police officer Zhang Aimin saw the shirt, he tried to take off Ms. Sun's shirt. Ms. Sun said loudly: "This is my shirt, why do you want to snatch my shirt?" Zhang Aimin and others told her to go upstairs because they wanted to separate Ms. Sun from her husband. They lied and said that each person needed to be in a separate room in order to solve this problem. A kind-hearted person told them not to get separated because Zhang Aimin wanted to imprison them. Other police officers also tried to take away Ms. Sun's shirt. With the help of the same kind-hearted person, Ms. Sun and her husband were able to escape from

Personnel who participated in the persecution of Sun Changping and his family:

Chief Wang Yunwu: 86-439-8665555, 86-439-6230333, 86-13304499555 (Cell)

Head of the State Security Section, Zhang Aimin: 86-439-8967785

Head of the Fusong County Detention Center, Li Kegang: 86-13843944111 (Cell), 86-439-8663111, 86-439-6211787

Head of the Public Security Brigade of the Lushuihe Town Police Station, Zhao Wenjie

Deputy Chief of the Lushuihe Town Police Station, Tang Longping; Police offiers: Xu Jinhu, Xing (surname), Wang Zejiang