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Stop the CCP from Again Persecuting Falun Dafa Practitioner Wang Bo and Her Family (Photos)

Ms. Wang Bo and her parents, Wang Xinzhong and Liu Shuqin, are Falun Dafa practitioners in Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province. On the night of July 27, 2006, they were secretly arrested at their temporary apartment in Dalian City. Their apartment was searched and they were beaten up. Ms. Wang's relatives and friends kept calling to find out where they were detained and appealed for their release. Until August 25, 2006, the Hedong Office said that Ms. Wang and her parents were detained in the Hebei Province Brainwashing Center. At the beginning of September, because they refused to be "transformed," they were transferred to a detention center. According to the law established by the CCP, one cannot be detained in a detention center for more than 37 days. If there is no evidence, the detention center needs release them. However, Ms. Wang and her parents have been detained for past the legal detention term. We call on all good people all over the world to pay attention to their case and rescue them.

In the past seven years, Ms. Wang and her parents have been repeatedly arrested, beaten and detained in brainwashing centers and forced labor camps because they insisted on their belief and on exposing the persecution. They have been persecuted both physically and mentally. What they experienced was almost more than they could bear. In order to change the living environment for his daughter, Mr. Wang Xinzhong moved his family to Dalian City in northeast China. The CCP arrested Ms. Wang Bo and her parents and have detained them since.

Reportedly, Wang Yongzhi, the deputy director of the Hebei Province 610 Office, was in charge of persecuting Ms. Wang Bo and her parents. While Ms. Wang was illegally detained in a forced labor camp, Wang Yongzhi deceived and threatened her many times. He plotted to arrest Mr. Wang Xinzhong and colluded with the China Central TV Station to re-edit the show "Focal Point" to deceive and mislead the public and defame Falun Gong. After Ms. Wang Bo was released, she quickly became clear-headed. She recalled her experience over the past five years when she was persecuted by the CCP. She felt extremely sad and published an article describing her experience and state of mind. The Hebei Province 610 Office brutally persecutes Falun Dafa practitioners. They feared further exposure of their crimes so they searched everywhere to arrest Ms. Wang and her parents.

The police from the National Security Team of the Chang'an Police Department in Shijiazhuang City participated in the crime of arresting Ms. Wang Bo and her parents. On the spot, they confiscated 35,000 yuan and two bags of clothes, and did not record this according to legal procedure. Please support the family in asking the National Security Team of the Chang'an Police Department to return the property of Ms. Wang Bo's family.

Currently, Ms. Wang and her mother, Liu Shuqin, are detained in the Second Detention Center of Shijiazhuang City. Ms. Wang is in the 137th Cell and Ms. Liu is in the 134th Cell. Mr. Wang Xinzhong is detained in the Zhao County Detention Center in Shijiazhuang City. In the middle of September 2006, Wang Xinzhong became critically ill and was sent to a hospital for emergency treatment.

Ms. Wang Bo's grandmother is 86 years old. She worries about her daughter's family very much.

Wang Xinzhong's work unit:

Chief Xie, Public Security Office, Shijiazhuang Railroad Mechanical Section: 86-13933109326 (Cell)
Secretary Shen, Shijiazhuang Railroad Mechanical Section: 86-13931125909 (Cell)
The person in charge of the area where Wang Bo and her parents live:
Wang Jingzeng, Party Secretary of the Hedong Office: 86-311-87673206, 86-311-87673216
Relevant units and responsible people:
The Second Detention Center of Shijiazhuang City
Address: East Third Street, Zhaolingpu, Shijiazhuang City
Zip code 050000; Tel: 86-311-87782024
Wang Shuting, director: 86-311-87755213, 86-13931171888 (Cell), 86-13781581859 (Cell)
Zhang Hongqi, instructor: 86-311-87755202 (Office)
Wang Zhibin, deputy director : 87755202 (Office)
Chang'an Police Department of Shijiazhuang City
Address: 15 Tannan Road, Shijiazhuang City
General Director: 86-311-6046234, 86-311-6049296
Liu Zijun, deputy director, in charge of persecuting Falun Gong: 86-311-6676214 (Office)
Li Yanbin, instructor of the Politics and Security Team: 86-311-6677321, 86-96777-21888 (Pager)
Cai Yanguo, chief of the Politics and Security Team (a criminal unit for persecuting Falun Gong); Hu Guanghui, deputy chief: 86-311-6677321, 86-3116212954
Deng Fang, chief of the National Security Team of Shijiazhuang City Police Department, Police officer of 610 Office: 86-311-87024404
Hebei Province 610 Office
Address: 46 Weimingnan Street, Shijiazhuang City
Zip code: 050052
Wang Yongzhi, deputy director: 86-311-7908681 (Office), 86-311-7906766 (Home), 86-13931110731 (Cell)
Zhang Guojun, Director: 86-311-7906310 (Office), 86-311-7906898 (Home)