Recently, the police arrested six Falun Dafa practitioners in a certain town of our county and held them in a detention center. They also confiscated a computer from one practitioner's home. Thinking that they had found a truth-clarification materials production site, the policemen clamored to have the practitioners sentenced. When they checked with the Procuratorate they were rejected on the grounds that there was "insufficient evidence." Practitioners in the county unified together to send righteous thoughts and used other measures to rescue them. Because of this, the six practitioners were all released from the detention center.

A practitioner told me before that she used to clarify the truth face to face to officials in the Procuratorate. Although they didn't completely accept the truth at the time, they gradually came to understand a lot. I myself have also given them truth-clarification materials and played truth-clarification tapes in their cars for them. Last year two practitioners in my county went to Beijing to send righteous thoughts. They were arrested and sent to a brainwashing center in my county. At the time I wrote a letter to the Procuratorate. In the letter I wrote, "I'm now reporting to you that two Falun Dafa practitioners have been arrested and detained in such-and-such place. According to our country's Constitution, this action constitutes the crime of illegal detention. I would like to request that the Procuratorate please follow the law and fulfill your sacred duty, investigate and punish those who were responsible and maintain the integrity of the law and citizen's legal rights."

Each instance of our practitioner's Fa-validation and truth-clarification may, at the time, not have an effect, but the effect it has in other dimensions is enormous. The Procuratorate's attitude shows that everything a practitioner does has an effect. As long as we practitioners have righteous thoughts in our minds and compassionately and solidly clarify the truth to the world's people, including people in different classes and different organizations, the evil in other dimensions will have less space to commit wrongful deeds and will eventually be completely eliminated.

This is a small understanding of mine. Please correct me if there's anything improper.