(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Wang Jinbo is the former credit department manager of the Yitong County Construction Bank in Jilin Province. Why "former"? Because he persists in practicing Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance. For the past several years his workplace and the directors of the Siping City Construction Bank have persecuted him. Mr. Wang was illegally detained in a forced labor camp, where he became critically ill. The Siping City Construction Bank has now stopped paying Mr. Wang's wages and all benefits. They use every excuse not to let him resume his job.

Li Zhixue, the president of Yitong County Construction Bank, and Cheng Lidong, its vice president, illegally sent Mr. Wang to the detention center for persecution many times. In August 2002, he was arrested again and sent for three years of forced labor. On October 18, 2002, Mr. Wang was sent to Chaoyanggou Labor Camp in Changchun City, where he endured inhuman torture and persecution. By December 2004, Mr. Wang Jinbo had become emaciated as a result of the persecution. He weighed only 88 pounds. Before going to the forced labor camp he weighed 154 pounds. There were wounds all over his body, he could not walk or eat, and his life hung by a thread. The forced labor camp personnel had caused the death of practitioner Liu Ziwei on the night of December 13, 2004. Because they feared that Mr. Wang might also die, they notified his family to hurry and pick him up.

After Mr. Wang recovered, he asked to return to work at his old wage at the bank. Yitong County Construction Bank deferred responsibility to the city branch. Mr. Wang called and wrote to the city branch many times. The Manager of Human Resources Hou Dexiang said, "You are still within the ordered forced labor period and it is not our decision. The forced labor camp pays the wage and we have to wait until your term is over. Then we can talk about your job." Meng Bing, the president of the bank, said, "You are not an employee of the Construction Bank right now. We must leave it at that. The Communist Party makes the rules. We can't look at whether it is unjust or not."

In January 2005, Yitong County Construction Bank called the labor camp many times. Bank Vice President Cheng Lidong drove to the labor camp twice attempting to send Mr. Wang back to the camp, but he failed. Cheng then went to the 610 Office and tried to persuade them to send Mr. Wang back to the labor camp, but again he failed.

After the illegal detention term expired, Mr. Wang again requested that his workplace allow him to resume his work. At first, President Li Zhixue said there was no position. Then, after calling the Siping City Construction Bank, he said, "Hou Dexiang, the Manager of Human Resources at the city branch, wants proof of your forced labor release. Otherwise we are unable to discuss it." On September 2, 2005, Cheng Lidong drove to the labor camp again and returned. He said that the labor camp wanted Mr. Wang to go to the local police station or the 610 Office to get verification that he had served his forced labor term. Otherwise they would not consider reinstating him. Mr. Wang tried to reason with them, but they refused to listen. They said, "You can't work without the verification. You can't work, even if you sit there, and you won't be paid. This is a requirement of the city branch."

On September 7, 2005, Mr. Wang asked Su Quan, the vice president of City Branch, to allow him to resume work. Su Quan said, "You are still practicing Falun Gong and it has nothing to do with us. You can't come to us."

We hope that people all over the world who believe in justice can stop this persecution. Mr. Wang Jinbo needs help getting his job back.

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