(Clearwisdom.net) On August 16, 2005, the family of Jiang Lanying, a Dafa practitioner in Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province, received notice that she was in extreme life threatening condition. But her family was not allowed to visit the hospital to see her. It was said that while in this condition, Jiang was maltreated by the head of the third team, surnamed Hu.

In fact, the above notice was issued to the local community office from the labor camp hospital, but it was held there. In June 2005, the police pressured Jiang's family to sign an agreement, in which they let Jiang's family take the responsibility for Jiang's life.

Jiang Lanying, 39, was arrested on July 11, 2002, and was imprisoned in Jiangxi Forced Labor Camp Hospital, where she was tortured, persecuted and force-fed for three years. The police said they would never release her, even if she died in the hospital.

Jiang Lanying went to Beijing to clarify the truth three times in 1999. She was sent to the third detention center by the police of Qingshan Road Police Station. The wardens there encouraged the detainees to beat her and splash cold water and urine on her body during the cold winter. In January 2000 she was transferred to Jiangxi Women's Prison and was released after she was persecuted to near-death in January 2002. On the evening of July 11, 2002, police from Qingshan Road Police Station rushed into her home and arrested her. In the police station, Wang Wei and Zhou Xiangfeng beat her with an electric baton and an iron bar. Wang Wei put a chair on Jiang's feet and sat on it. Jiang was tortured for three days there. Later they put Jiang into a detention center and did not allow her family members to visit. At the end of February 2003, the authorities called her family members to the hospital, and only at this moment did they learn that Jiang had been sentenced for five years. Seeing that Jiang was very emaciated and in poor health, her mother requested her release for medical treatment. The officers of the hospital replied that they would not do that and Jiang would have to die if she refused to eat.

On June 1, 2005, more than ten police officers took Jiang's parents to the labor camp hospital. Jiang was bound to a bed and forced to take injections. They let reporters take photographs of her and said, "You have seen everything. She refuses to take food and we will not be responsible if she continues to be like this." They wanted Jiang's parents to sign a paper but they refused. The officers said, "We will not set her free until she dies." At that time police officer Wang Wei viciously claimed, "I don't care whether you sue me. I just want to let her die."

Related telephone numbers:
Yu Xiaoguang, head of Donghu Police Department: 86-791-6805081 (Home), 86-791-6622298 (Office), 86-13907916918 (Cell)
Yu Zhichuan, head of Pengjiaqiao Police Station: 86-791-8507298 (Home), 86-791-6272668 (Office), 86-13870882668 (Cell)
Li Shuguang, director of law department: 86-791-6742181, 86-791-6509077, 86-13907912383
Wang Yong, deputy director of the above department: 86-791-6742246, 86-13807099177
Cheng Jun, deputy director of the above department: 86-791-6742246, 86-791-6802219, 86-13803523252
Zhou Chuan, deputy director of the above department: 86-791-6742232, 86-791-6240336, 86-13065183015
Zhou Jian, deputy director of the above department: 86-791-6742232, 86-791-6793818, 86-13607007878