(Clearwisdom.net) In order to save Hu Jintao during his visit to Canada, Falun Dafa practitioners wanted to let him see the grand force of Falun Dafa and get our information to him, while the old forces tried with all their might to block him from seeing our information. If we simply use human abilities, we will not reach our goal. The most important point is belief in Falun Dafa and negating the old force's arrangements.

One example is that of a fellow practitioner who was trying to find a parking spot near Hu's hotel. He circled around into a very narrow street only to find that Hu's car was driving along the same street and was approaching right behind him. As police hurriedly asked him pull over, he saw Hu's car turning into the street. He quickly lowered his window and held out a banner out that said, "Falun Dafa--Truth, Compassion, Forbearance." Hu's car drove by the banner slowly, only one meter away from his car.

Two other Falun Dafa practitioners were racing to get to Niagara Falls on time. As soon as they parked their car, Hu's car arrived. They quickly opened their banner, where Hu was sure to see it first while getting out of the car.

Some fellow practitioners were waiting for Hu on the sidewalk. Police came and asked them move to the opposite side of the street. They cooperated with the police by moving to the other side, and that place turned out to be the closest to Hu's car.

One fellow practitioner wanted to be able to take photos of Hu's car driving by the Falun Dafa banners. Twice she had chances within only one minute after she arrived at the spot, and successfully took the photo with Faun Dafa banners and fellow practitioners in the background.

There are many such stories. My personal enlightenment is that we need to have one thought to accomplish certain things, and then do it openly by following the course of nature. Master and righteous gods are helping us in other realms. We should not be fooled by the delusions in this realm, nor should we be moved by others' words or actions.

At first, the Chinese Consulate spread word that they would mobilize several thousand people to welcome Hu. Some practitioners were moved and worried that we could not outnumber them. In fact, one Falun Dafa practitioner is equal to hundreds or thousands of ordinary people; in addition the real things that are occurring are not happening in this dimensional space only. We achieve things naturally without pursuit, and we received help from practitioners in the United States at the last moment. Affected by our strong righteous thoughts, the Chinese welcome wagon of people did not even see Hu's car's shadow, despite their exhaustive efforts on coordinating the event. On the other hand, our practitioners and our banners were seen multiple times by Hu at a close distance. These instances were all arranged by Master, and we just did what we should do by cooperating with Master's wish.

We want to remind our fellow practitioners in the next several days, that we should not be moved by any false images in the human realm and do well in what we should do. Every one of us should be fully prepared for Hu to show up in front of us at any minute. We are casting down a heavenly net with our righteous thoughts, breaking through the seals that the old forces have wrapped around him so that he can have a chance to choose a good future, and clearing away the obstacles preventing more people from being saved.