(Clearwisdom.net) According to his original plan, Hu Jintao would visit Washington, DC. Dafa practitioners in Washington, DC exchanged their understandings on this issue. One practitioner suggested that when gods were preparing to enter the human world to assist Teacher to rectify the Fa, some deities had to play CCP officials in order for this historic play to unfold. These were very dangerous roles that only a few gods wanted to take. Some high-level gods, however, courageously took on these roles, but now they are truly lost in the maze of ordinary society and as a result, perhaps, may never be able to return to their true home or fulfill their grand vows. We felt very sad and thought, "We should spare no efforts to offer them salvation." Maybe this visit will be the best and last opportunity for Hu Jintao to free himself from the clutches of the old forces. Since Hu is not coming to Washington, DC, many practitioners decided to go to New York to appeal. Also, eager to do as much as possible, a group of eight practitioners, including myself, went to Canada to appeal on the first day of Hu's visit to Canada.

The voice of compassion

I returned from Toronto this morning. Even after I came home, the practitioners' voices of compassion still echoed in my ears.

We left Maryland on Thursday afternoon and arrived in Ottawa after ten hours of driving. We appealed for the whole day on Friday. Because Hu was going to leave for Toronto the next morning, we were debating if we should also go to Toronto. One practitioner said, "We'll regret it if we don't go." Instead, we decided to take turns appealing in front of the hotel where Hu was staying. The first group of practitioners left at 2:00 a.m., and several practitioners stayed there all night. We could see clearly into the hotel through the large glass doors, and people in the hotel could see us. The first group of practitioner said that one Chinese official came to the door around 1:00 a.m. and gazed at our banners. Perhaps he also wanted to see a group of cultivators expressing their heartfelt wishes.

Another group of practitioners and myself were in the second group. We sent forth righteous thoughts at 6:00 a.m. I had only ten minutes to pack before I left home, and I forgot to bring warm clothing. Some practitioners were wearing cotton coats and I thought I would freeze. Surprisingly, I didn't feel cold at all.

Many practitioners arrived later. The hired Chinese "welcoming" team far across from the hotel took down their banners last night. Two people arrived before eight o'clock the previous morning to set up the banners. The majority of our practitioners were doing the exercises or sending forth righteous thoughts. Hu's delegation was packing, and some left in a van. All of them left while we were playing Dafa music. Some quietly watched us doing the exercises despite the orders they must have received. I believe the scene looked familiar to many of them, because prior to the onset of the persecution, almost every park in Beijing was brimming with peaceful Falun Gong practitioners. All people with kind thoughts would be touched when they again saw a group of compassionate practitioners.

When they were about to leave we called out to them with all of our compassion. Each practitioner's voice was much louder than before, but full of compassion. We didn't want anything other than to awaken Hu Jintao's main consciousness, so he would listen to us. Of course, as cultivators, we know that we should not be attached to anything in this world, including our kind thoughts. We only do all that we can; how Hu will handle himself is not something a cultivator should pursue because it's up to him. Surprisingly, Hu Jintao and his delegation lingered at the door for a long time. We repeatedly called out, "Hu Jintao, the time given to you by the gods and the people is limited." Some Westerners were touched by our voices; they looked at us and pondered. Our trip was worthwhile even if that morning was all the time we could spend here.

One news report said, "Falun Gong practitioners are the ones who are truly concerned about Hu." I have to agree, because the motivation behind our sitting for two nights straight was to offer people salvation while the hired welcoming team was there because of money and personal gain.

I have a few additional short stories to share with fellow practitioners.

Talking to the members of the hired Chinese welcoming team on our way to appeal

After Hu Jintao left the hotel for the Canadian Parliament, a few of us were holding banners along the roadside. Hu's delegation saw our banners from close up and were perhaps surprised. Yesterday they saw Dafa practitioners' banners displayed all the way from the airport to the hotel, for which they expressed discontent with the police. Now they were seeing Dafa practitioners face-to-face right after they left the hotel. We could see them very well, and they were looking at our banners from inside the van. We decided to go and wait at Hu's next stop.

Three or four young students carried some water and stopped in front of us to take a break. We walked over and chatted with them. They were bringing water for the welcoming team hired by the Chinese consulate. After we clarified the truth to them one student said, "We really don't care too much about this issue. We only want to get a good job [assigned by the government] after we return to China in the future." The next day in Toronto we met the director of an overseas Chinese association. He spent 400 Canadian dollars on a dining voucher that would allow him to eat with Hu Jintao, hoping his business would run more smoothly. He said he had no interest in joining the Party.

While waiting for Hu Jintao outside a library in Ottawa one practitioner and I started talking to members of the welcoming team. We didn't have a designated space, so we freely mingled. Some people didn't know about the persecution, so I told them about the persecution of my mother. One woman in her 50s who claimed to be a Buddhist shouted, "I've never heard of the Communist Party persecuting people." I told her about the persecution of several generations in my family. She said, "You are not tolerant." I said, "It's not that we are not tolerant; we are communicating with each other. We are all Chinese people, so we need to better understand each other. Doesn't Buddhism also teach people that goodness is rewarded and evildoing will meet with evil?"

Some time later, they started shouting slogans, and we also expressed our voice of appeal.. They shouted, "down with evil cults." We said, "Actually, isn't the Communist Party the biggest evil cult?" One practitioner shouted, "We oppose the evil cult, the CCP!" They changed their slogan. One member of the welcoming team who talked with us didn't shout anything and only made some nasal noises. They were influenced by us and only shouted, "Long live the motherland!" "We love China!" We hardly heard anything like, "Welcome, Hu Jintao" and they didn't say anything in support of the Communist Party. It shows the evil CCP has lost its place in the hearts of the Chinese people. On the other hand, I felt they were giving more credence to Dafa practitioners' words.

Support from Canadians

While waiting for Hu at an intersection in Ottawa we sat in front of a private house. The owner came back and I asked him, "Can we sit here for a while?" He said, "Sure, no problem." He even brought out a recliner for us. He read our flyer and said he supported us.

After we arrived in Toronto we waited along a narrow road. The police came and told us to move a little. They supported us and some police officers gave us a thumbs-up.

At the same place a group of Chinese people came out of a building and walked toward the hotel where Hu was staying. They were obviously part of the welcoming team. On their way to the hotel, one man quietly gave us a thumbs-up.

Right before we left, a Chinese man came and accepted a flyer from me. He sighed and said, "Your Falun Gong is grand! The persecution was wrong to start with." He wished us success, and I told him we needed their support.

Maybe many practitioners in the US are planning to go to New York. I think they really shouldn't miss this opportunity if they don't have to. This is another opportunity endowed to us by the Fa rectification to eliminate the evil as a whole body. It's also a chance to cooperate and improve as a whole body. Sometimes it seems we can't do much. The second and third time we waited for Hu, we realized that he may take another route, but our presence is part of eliminating the evil as a whole body. We shouldn't emphasize individuals, because our whole body is what's important.

Another point: many things can change based on need. If our circumstances allows us to do it, if we think we can do it, we can. Teacher always helps us at critical times. We should be diligent in studying the Fa and doing the exercises, and practitioners should understand, care for and encourage each other. When we need to express our wishes with our voice, we shouldn't get competitive but only let our compassion take the upper hand. We should be especially compassionate toward those Chinese compatriots in the welcoming team, because we are supposed to offer them salvation. We can chat with them when it doesn't interfere with our appeal; however, we should never get angry. We shouldn't tell them high-level principles and we must be reasonable. We should always smile so they'll see Dafa practitioners' sincerity and kindness.

Each one of us has memorized this sentence very well, "Hu Jintao, the time given to you by the gods and the people is limited." In fact, we know that the time given to cultivators to consummate is also limited. Let us strive forward and fulfill our prehistoric vows to save sentient beings.