Recently I have been asking myself a question: "While we have been doing the 'three things' required by Master, how can fully use our capabilities to achieve the best results?" First, we must study the Fa more. Through continuous study and continuously improving ourselves, we will automatically know how to do a good job. In addition, based on solid Fa study, we should discover our strong points so we can be more effective in validating the Fa. In fact, each disciple has his or her own strong points. If we make full use of them, we will produce the best possible results. The following are some examples for practitioners' reference.

There is one practitioner who specializes in cover design. He studies the Fa well and at the same time utilizes the knowledge he has gained and the special skills he has mastered in ordinary society. He has designed some beautiful Dafa greeting cards.

Some practitioners have company cars to use. They transport paper and other materials for our truth-clarifying material centers. In doing this, they save a lot of time for other practitioners who would otherwise have to rent cars, and they also reduce the other practitioners' risk of being caught during the process of purchasing.

Each practitioner's strong points do not only refer to the special skills he or she has gained in ordinary society. They also include the practitioners' disposition, such as being an open and warm character, being responsible, and being able to consider a situation comprehensively. For example, one practitioner I know paid careful attention to detail and was very responsible. According to Master's arrangement, he was in charge of producing materials since the beginning of the persecution in 1999. Because he was a responsible person, there was rarely a mistake in the Dafa books or the truth clarifying materials he produced.

Our validating the Fa and clarifying the truth will improve if we fully utilize the skills and knowledge we gained in ordinary society and act according to our improved xinxing in our cultivation. We have been cultivating for all these years. As I understand, Master arranges each practitioner's cultivation way and the way to validate Dafa according to the disciple's strong points. If our heart remains in the Fa, we will consider everything from the perspective of the Fa. Our compassionate and rational understanding will aid us in validating the Fa.