(Clearwisdom.net) My eldest aunt is over 50 years old. She has been to Beijing to validate Falun Dafa four times and she participates in truth clarification work. She shows up wherever help is needed and always has a smile on her face. In six years of clarifying the truth about Falun Dafa, my aunt was only detained once for 15 days for going to Beijing to validate the Fa. She was later released without being charged. Compassion emanates from my aunt because practicing Falun Dafa has made her a kinder and more peaceful person. Her firm belief in Teacher has made her path of validating the Fa unimpeded. She has never had any real danger in the past six years of validating the Fa and clarifying the truth.

On Dec 26, 2000, my aunt went to Beijing with another practitioner to clarify the truth about Falun Dafa. At a train station in northeast China, their attachment of zealotry surfaced, "Everyone says the situation is serious; but see, no one is stopping us." Immediately after they said this, four police officers stopped them and asked for their identification cards. They fearlessly replied that they didn't have them and started to chat with the officers instead. They told the police officers, "We have important things to do in Beijing, so do not delay us from catching the train." The officers then asked them to curse Teacher to test whether they were Falun Gong practitioners. They replied, "We don't curse anyone. Why should we?" The officers ran out of ideas and had to take them to the ticket gate. They said to my aunt and the fellow practitioner, "Just wait until you are sent back here and you'll see how we will punish you." They replied, "We won't come back here!"

In Beijing, after she unfurled her banner, my aunt saw that the other practitioner who came with her was arrested and was waiting for her on the side. Due to her attachment to emotion, the police arrested my aunt as well. My aunt was sent back to her hometown and detained at a detention center. Although she was detained, she was not worried and still had a smile on her face. She was released 15 days later without having any charges pressed against her.

One time, she left home with truth-clarification materials in her handbag and ran into a local police officer. The officer asked her what was in the bag and she happily replied, "Let me show you." The officer then reached over, but my aunt took back the handbag, saying, "You just want to see everything, don't you?" and walked away. She never thought the officer would do anything to her. She said, "I was never afraid. Everyone I meet is my family."

One day in 2004, while she was correcting the Chinese characters in a Dafa book, two police officers came to her home and said, "You walk everywhere with a bag. What did you do? Did you post the banners outside?" She replied, "It would be great if I was that diligent," and she clarified the truth to the police. When they saw Teacher's picture on the wall, they got scared and told my aunt, "Let's talk in another room." My aunt continued to clarify the truth to the police and said, "I was going to go see you if you hadn't come." She told them to treat practitioners well. The police asked what she was doing and she said, "I was correcting the characters in the books." Before the police officers left, she repeatedly told them to remember that Falun Dafa is good. One of them said, "I will remember that."

All of the practitioners she was with at a truth clarification material production site were arrested, but nothing happened to her. Once a fellow practitioner asked my aunt to go into hiding because someone who was arrested gave her name to the police. This practitioner was so worried for her that she was in tears. My aunt, however, was still happy and smiling, "I do what I should do, which is the most righteous thing. I have Teacher and the Fa, so what is there to be afraid of?"

My aunt and fellow practitioners from her Fa-study group closely follow the progress of Teacher's Fa-rectification. There are many practitioners in the group and they encourage each other to make progress based on the Fa. If someone fails a xinxing test, they study the Fa together and share experiences to break away from the evil's interference. No one in her Fa-study group falls behind and they are all openly and nobly fulfilling their historic mission.