(Clearwisdom.net) I have been practicing cultivation with my third eye closed. Therefore, with regard to sending righteous thoughts, I can only learn how powerful it is from reading articles in the Minghui Weekly. However, when I read an article in Issue 179 of the Minghui Weekly entitled, "Have you sent righteous thoughts," I started to look within. Ever since starting to send righteous thoughts, I've been trying my best to do it. But the way I did it was to focus my attention and effort on reciting the formula. I focused my mind on how to use supernormal capabilities and the Law Wheel to eliminate the evil forces. I was very busy in my head and was exhausted. Sometimes I even uttered the word mie out loud.

Afterwards, when I studied the Fa and read Teacher's words about being surrounded by an energy field when sending righteous thoughts, I thought about the fact that it seldom happened to me. When I was not diligent, the thought of sending righteous thoughts would make me feel very tired. I always had fear when it was time to send righteous thoughts at the top of the hour. I thought about how to break through this. Later, when I sent righteous thoughts I suddenly remembered Teacher's words in "Teaching the Fa at a New York Meeting:"

"When you look at a matter, don't look at it while you're bogged down within it, don't evaluate the matter in isolation and within the specific matter. Jump out of it and take a careful look at it, see if it's in keeping with Zhen-Shan-Ren. How would someone who's cultivated well, or a God, a Bodhisattva handle it? Think of it this way, and as soon as the righteous thoughts emerge you'll know." (Lectures in the United States)

I immediately came to an understanding. I thought, when a Buddha or a Bodhisattva eradicates evil beings, would they make a big hassle like I did. I understood that my divine side possessed great Buddha Law Divine Powers. All I needed to do was calm my mind and use my divine powers.

After that, when I again sent righteous thoughts, I was able to calm my mind every time. I felt my body being surrounded by an energy field and I no longer had any fear while sending righteous thoughts.

My level of cultivation is limited. I'm writing this out to share with fellow practitioners. I hope that this is helpful to fellow practitioners.