(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa practitioner Ms. Liu Chunhua was arrested and taken to the Beijing Women's Forced Labor Camp in 2001. The camp guards directed drug addict prisoners and collaborators to torture her day and night. The beatings were severe, and Ms. Liu often screamed in pain. She was released after suffering a mental collapse from the torture, and she died in early 2005 after falling from a building.

Ms. Liu Chunhua was 48 years old, lived in Anzhen region, Chaoyang District, and was employed as a pharmacist by the Beixinqiao Hospital. From March through April 2001, Ms. Liu Chunhua was detained in the Beijing Women's Forced Labor Camp, where she suffered both mental and physical torture. The camp guards directed drug addict prisoners and collaborators to take turns torturing her around the clock. Others often heard her screams during the night. Her face was covered with bruises. She was denied use of the toilet for a long time, forcing her to use other methods, which resulted in more severe beatings and abuse. She endured these tortures for more than six months.

In autumn 2002, Ms. Liu suffered from urinary incontinence for more than two months, and then she disappeared from the camp. Later another fellow practitioner, who was in the hospital due to torture injuries, saw Ms. Liu Chunhua lying unconscious on a hospital bed, while the guards continued to beat and curse her. She was diagnosed as having late stage liver cancer. Nevertheless, the guards still took her back to the Training Division, tortured her with force-feeding, and gave her intravenous injections for several months. She was released only when the nurses could not find her veins and the force-feeding tubes could not be inserted in her nose. She suffered a complete mental collapse.

Local fellow practitioners went to visit her after hearing that she was released. She couldn't talk but would smile in an odd way when people talked to her. Her family members said she also would not talk to her family. She cooked meals for her family but never went outside.

After the 2005 Chinese New Year (February 9, 2005), Ms. Liu Chunhua fell from the fourth floor of her building and died.