(Clearwisdom.net) On July 20, 1999, Jiang Zeming started the brutal persecution against Falun Gong practitioners. Mr. Du Yingguang, 31 years old, of Caigezhuang Village, Daliang Town, Wuqing area, Tianjin City, is one of the practitioners who suffered from the brutal persecution.

In the evening on January 30, 2001, policemen from Shuangshu County Police Station ransacked Mr. Du Yingguang's home. They stole many Falun Gong books such as Zhuan Falun and dozens of Falun Gong audiotapes and took him to the police station. At about four o'clock the next afternoon, he was transferred to room 17 of the Wuqing District Detention Center. At around seven o'clock in the evening, the director of the detention center Mr. Chen tried to force Mr. Du to give up his Falun Gong practice by writing a guarantee statement. When Mr. Du firmly refused to cooperate, the director ordered three or four strong inmates to cruelly beat him. In the beginning, the inmates beat and kicked him together. After about ten minutes, they pulled him off the ground. To keep him from falling to the ground again, one inmate held him up. Another inmate used his knees to fiercely attack the front of Mr. Du's legs, causing him extreme pain. After attacking Mr. Du dozens of times, the inmates picked up a long bench to crush Mr. Du's legs. As they were beating Mr. Du, the director asked him, "Will you practice or not?" "Yes!" Mr. Du bore the pain and answered. The director ordered all the people in the room to hit Mr. Du in turn. Under the director's orders, all fourteen people in the room beat Mr. Du. Some of them slapped him in the face. Some of them fiercely chopped at his neck with their hands. After about one hour, the director forced him to stand up straight with his back against a wall and then bend down until his fingers touched his toes. Dizzy and in extreme pain, Mr. Du was forced to maintain this position until 11 p.m.

On the afternoon of February 15, 2001, after 15 days in detention, Mr. Du was sent home from the Shuangshu County Police Station. The Chinese Communist Party committee secretary of the county Yuan requested him to give up his Falun Gong practice by signing a "guarantee statement". He refused. At about ten p.m., Wan, the director from his company, together with the staff from the Educational Bureau and the local police, sent him to the militia-training base of the Wuqing District in Meishang County, a location for brainwashing classes. They arrived at the brainwashing class after 11 p.m.

The brainwashing class had between 50 and 60 on staff, including government officials, policemen, public security officers, teaching assistants, and cooks. The class hired security officers and cooks from outside. About 40 practitioners were detained in the class. The oldest was 60 years old. They were either arrested or deceived into attending the class. The companies or the county governments of the practitioners in the class had to pay 1500 yuan per month for each practitioner. Later on, Mr. Du learned that the salaries of all of the practitioners were stopped and that his company had fired him.

Mr. Du Yingguang endured the brainwashing class tortures for two months. Practitioners were forced to watch videos and TV programs slandering Falun Gong and had to write their understanding of the video programs everyday. They also were forced to read books slandering Falun Dafa. Because Mr. Du refused to read the books, he was ordered to stand against a wall for six hours without lunch. Practitioners had to walk, run or stand outdoors or stand or sit for a long time indoors. The required posture for standing was against a wall, toes and nose touching the wall, middle fingers touching the seams of the trousers, upper body straight, and legs apart. Security and policemen monitored the practitioners closely and forced everybody to maintain the required postures. The posture for sitting was legs crossed, hands on knees, upper body straight with eyes open, and no sleeping allowed. The most serious case for a sitting or standing punishment could last until 3 a.m., and normal wake-up time was 5:30! Practitioners were not given enough to eat. The amount of food provided for three practitioner meals was less than one normal meal. He (gender unknown), the director of the supervising team for the local police station, was one of the people in charge of the brainwashing class. He personally beat practitioners. One day, He took Mr. Du to a room and put a Falun Gong book in front of him. He pointed at the picture of Master Li and ordered Mr. Du to tear up the page and give up his belief. Mr. Du firmly refused. He slapped Mr. Du in the face dozens of times, which made his mouth bleed. Since Mr. Du would not give in, He used a copper rod as thick as a thumb and struck Mr. Du's right arm many times. Mr. Du's underwear was torn and his arm was inflamed. After a couple of days, Cai (gender unknown), the director of the brainwashing class, ordered police officer Cui (gender unknown), to beat Mr. Du with the copper rod. His hands and legs were swollen and his legs were covered in purple bruises.

On April 15, 2001, Mr. Du Yingguang was sent to a forced labor camp and illegally sentenced to one and a half years, later extended to two and a half years. On May 18, Mr. Du was assigned to the eighth group of the fifth team, together with five other practitioners. Chen Xueyu, the leader of the second group, was prompted by instructor Yang Zhiqiu to beat Mr. Du Yingguang. Chen Xueyu brought Mr. Du Yingguang to a room, took out a newspaper with an article slandering Falun Gong, and ordered Mr. Du to read it. Mr. Du refused. Chen violently slapped Mr. Du in the face and then beat him with a rod for more than an hour.

Mr. Du was then deprived of sleep for ten days. He was forced to sit on the ground 24 hours a day with people by his side monitoring him constantly. Whenever he closed his eyes, he was severely beaten. After several days, Mr. Du was really sleepy. Sometimes he closed his eyes without even realizing it. As soon as the people by his side noticed, he was beaten and forced to keep his eyes open. Since the leaders of the second and the eighth groups could not obtain anything from Mr. Du within the ten days, they became angry. They slapped Mr. Du in the face and did not allow him to use the restroom. Both of the perpetrators weighed about 80 kilograms. They stepped on Mr. Du's crossed legs, which resulted in serious swelling of his legs, and walking caused him difficulty for about a month. The leader of the fifth group, Sun Kai, also came to torture Mr. Du. First, he crammed Mr. Du under a metal bed in a cross-legged sitting position with his chest touching his feet and unable to straighten his back. Only his arms were able to move. Then the police dragged his lower arms to hit the metal bed. After that, Mr. Du was pulled out and forced to lay prone with his legs fully extended. Sun Kai used a round wooden stick to roll and press Mr. Du's legs. The muscle pain in his legs from this torture was hard to endure. Once Sun Kai forced Mr. Du to sit with his legs crossed and tied ropes around his body, bending his head down with his chin touching his chest. Mr. Du was tied up like this for two hours. After that, Mr. Du was brought to another room, where another policeman, Zhao Changqing, was also in the room. Sun Kai tore off Mr. Du's clothing from his upper body and viciously struck his left arm dozens of times with a wooden rod. As a result, his left arm turned purple and did not totally heal even after several months. Police officer Zhao Changqing saw the violence in front of him and did nothing.

After 10 days of torture and sleep deprivation, Mr. Du was very cold and felt as if his head were swollen. He felt that he had lost the capability to think. He responded was very slowly, and he was totally exhausted. The person monitoring Mr. Du checked his temperature and found that he had a high fever. The police allowed him to sleep that evening.

After several days, inmates, including Chen Yuan, burned him with cigarettes. They forced Mr. Du to stand with his arms fully extended in front of his chest, both palms facing up. Then they put two burning cigarettes on his palms for five minutes. Mr. Du felt burning pain on his palms. Two blisters quickly appeared at the burned areas. Inmates used a needle to burst the blisters, causing the flesh under the skin to start to fester and two deep holes appeared. Inmates wanted to take him to a clinic, but police officer Yang Zhiqiu, afraid of being exposed for the evil conduct, stopped them right away. He told them that the wounds would be okay with some treatment by inmates. Policeman Du Yingxin, knowing that Mr. Du's hands were swollen and extremely painful, ordered Mr. Du to hit flies with a flyswatter at 10 p.m. Mr. Du felt extreme pain in the wounded areas whenever he swung the flyswatter. At about midnight, team leader Lan Tao allowed him to go to sleep. The burn wounds healed after one month.

Wei (gender unknown), another staff member, ordered Mr. Du to stand still in front of his room. Wei then backed up several steps, ran toward Mr. Du, and kicked him full in the chest. Mr. Du fell to the ground, the back of his head hitting the hard ceramic tile floor. The back of his head swelled up.

The police rounded up Mr. Du and a dozen other practitioners for a so-called "study session." This "study session" lasted about one month. They were forced to work long hours every day. They started to work at 5:30 a.m. and worked until midnight, sometimes up to 1:00, 2:00 or even 3:00 a.m. Then they had to get up at 5:30 a.m. again the next day just like everyone else.

Under orders from police officers Yang Zhiqiu and Tong Xiuhe, inmate Zhang Junqiang, who was assigned to torture practitioners, started with Mr. Du. It was a frigid winter. Zhang Junqiang and several other inmates stripped off Mr. Du's clothes down to his underwear and forced him to stand in a dark, cold, room, depriving him of sleep for several days and nights. Zhang Junqiang Yu Weihua, another inmate, to help him torture Mr. Du. They folded Mr. Du in half and pushed him under the bed. In order to intensify his suffering, Zhang Junqiang pushed a wooden stick between the bed and Mr. Du's back and fiercely pushed down on his head and back, stepped on Mr. Du's hand. Then he found a sewing needle to poke under Mr. Du's fingernails.

Several days of torture failed to make Mr. Du yield to them. At the urging of police officer Tong Xiuhe, inmate Zhang Junqiang intensified the torture. He used a wooden club to hit Mr. Du's left shoulder until it became red and swollen and later turned completely purple and black. Mr. Du could not lift or raise his shoulder after the torture. Zhang Junqiang tied Mr. Du up in the hallway facing an open window. With only a thin layer of clothes on and the freezing winter wind whistling outside, Mr. Du was shivering. That night he had a high fever, his lips were chapped, the corner of his mouth was split, and his chest felt as if it were on fire. His high fever lasted for several days, but the torture continued. When the police organized a group to watch TV programs slandering Falun Dafa, Mr. Du raised his voice and said, "These are all rumors they use to try to deceive you. Don't believe them! Falun Dafa is good!" The inmates, with instructions from the police, covered his mouth, dragged him back to the dark room, and started another round of torture.

At the end of April 2002, police officers Yang Zhiqiu, Tong Xiuhe and Zhang Ruixiang took turns shocking Mr. Du with an electric baton. In the middle of May, these same individuals ordered inmates to deprive Mr. Du of sleep. They forced him to work all night. Sometimes they let him rest for one hour. This lasted for one month.

On July 19, under the orders of police officer Tong Xiuhe, inmates Zhang Junqiang, Sun Kai and Guo Fengzhi beat Mr. Du for a long time. They hung him upside down, poured water into his nose and fiercely hit his abdomen. Mr. Du passed out after several hours of torture. After the savage beating, Mr. Du felt weak and could hardly walk. It took him a long time to walk to the restroom, but he could not urinate and passed out. Other inmates carried him back to bed. He was extremely weak and felt as if a very heavy weight were attached to his back, keeping him from sitting up. The excruciating abdominal pain made him moan. The police still ordered the inmates to drag him outside and each step was unbearable for him. After one week, the police took him to the hospital but did not let him know the ultrasound results. The police read the report while Mr. Du sat in the back of the vehicle. The report read: 1. Abdominal fluid accumulation, 2. Gastricduodental end bulb edema, 3. Pancreas abnormality. The hospital prescribed some medicine, and the police extorted money from Mr. Du's family to get it. From that point on, he had constant abdominal pain. The pain doubled him over when he went to the restroom or walked. After persecuting him to this extent, the police still did not let up. Police officer Tong Xiuhe even wanted to get an inmate to kill Mr. Du. He told the inmate Xu Guangsheng, "If you kill him, I will release you early." Mr. Du happened to hear it, and the inmate also admitted it was an instruction from the police. Because the conspiracy was exposed, they did not carry it out.

Starting in February 2003, most of the labor camps that held practitioners in Tianjin formed brainwashing classes. The police started another round of torture against Mr. Du. They tied him up, poured cold water on him, and then shocked him with electric batons. In order to stop the persecution, Mr. Du started another hunger strike. Police officers Tong Xiuhe and Du Yingxin ordered inmate Mu Dezhen to tie Mr. Du to the bed with only his underwear on and continuously pour cold water on him. Then they pushed his feet into a basin of cold water. Police officer Du Yingxin poured cold water on Mr. Du and turned the fan on the maximum setting towards him. Mr. Du was shivering all over and had frostbite on his feet. Du Yingxin stated. "It is too cold. Cover him with a quilt." So the inmates soaked the quilt with cold water and covered him up. The torture lasted for over three hours. During that time, police supervisor Mr. Lu came to inspect things. The police wouldn't let him sleep at night, and they tied Mr. Du up in a chair and ordered inmates to smear feces on his face, mouth and nose. The inmates pinched his nose closed to force him to breathe through his mouth, and then they smeared the feces into his mouth and nose. Policeman Fu Zhenshi squeezed mustard into his nostrils. They tortured him for over 20 days. Mr. Du Yingguang remained firm in his belief in Dafa and never wrote the Repentance Statement. He was held for one extra year after his original sentence before he was finally released.