(Clearwisdom.net) Practitioners Mr. Liang Tielong and Mrs. Tan Yajiao, a husband and wife, are from Benxi City in Liaoning Province. They were both arrested and tortured last year. Mrs. Tan Yajiao suffered a miscarriage due to the torture. The couple both received illegal and extended prison sentences. On April 20, 2005, Liang Tielong's father received a phone call from Dabei Prison. The police requested him to visit his son in the prison. However, the father was not allowed to meet his son when he arrived there. Instead, the police extorted 10 yuan from him for telephone fees. Liang Tielong's mother was so angry and sad that she had a stroke. She remains in serious condition today.q1q


The couple: Liang Tielong and Tan Yajiao

On September 18, 2004, the 610 Office of Benxi City, with the involvement of the city police, arrested more than 50 practitioners. Among them were Liang Tielong and Tan Yajiao, who were arrested from home by the police from Dongming Police Station. Their computer, printer, and some cash were also stolen by the police.

Mrs. Tan Yajiao, who was pregnant, was tortured on the same night that she was arrested. Four or five young and strong police officers battered and shocked her with electronic batons until she lost consciousness and fell to the floor. Later, Mrs. Tan was sent to Bailou Detention Center in Benxi City, where she suffered further torture. She went on a hunger strike to protest the persecution. Policewoman Zhang Jinjuan bound Tan Yajiao with handcuffs and shackles so she could not move any part of her body and ordered several prisoners to hit her. Days of continuous inhumane torture caused Tan Yajiao to miscarry. She also suffered damage to her mental and physical health. She suffered from menstrual disorders, aches around her lower back and stomach, and numbness in her arms and legs.

The 610 Office of Benxi City treated Liang Tielong and Tan Yajiao's cases in the category of "serious." After 4 months of illegal detention, the Pingshan District Court sentenced Mrs. Tan Yajiao to 9 years of imprisonment and Mr. Liang Tielong to 12 years of imprisonment. The couple is imprisoned at the Dabei Prison, in Shenyang City, Liaoning Province.

On April 20, 2005, a police officer from Dabei Prison called Liang Tielong's family, saying that they could come see him. Mr. Liang Xiangyun, Liang Tielong's father, traveled to the prison on April 25. However, Liang Xiangyun was not allowed to see his son. Shocked by the sudden change of events, Liang Xiangyun wondered if the prison police were trying to cover up the evidence of torture. A police officer asked Liang Xiangyun for 10 yuan for telephone fees. The old man asked with surprise what telephone fee it was. The policeman said it was for the phone call made to the family saying they could meet Liang Tielong. Liang Xiangyun argued that a call less than a minute could not cost 10 yuan. [Translator's note: a phone call within 3 minutes usually costs .30 yuan on public pay phone in most cities in China]. The police insisted unreasonably that this was the price. Because his son and daughter-in-law were both imprisoned there and he wanted to see them, Liang Xiangyun gave the policeman the money, but was still not allowed to see his son or daughter-in-law.

Almost 70 years old, Liang Xiangyun's health was not very good because of previous work-related injuries. He came back home after more than 10 hours of sitting on the bus, and told his wife, Mrs. Zhao Airong, about the filthy tricks of the police. Upon hearing of the inhumane behavior of the police, Zhao Airong was so outraged that she had a stroke and was sent to the hospital. She was hospitalized again on May 3 and underwent brain surgery. She is still in serious condition. The Liang family has incurred a 20,000-yuan debt in order to pay the hospital fees. They have tried to appeal to the Political and Legal Commissions Office of the City Council, the local People's Congress, the local police stations, and so on, but have been rejected by all of these agencies.

The following is Mrs. Tan Yajiao's description of how she was tortured, causing her miscarriage:

On September 18, 2004, I was arrested and sent to Dongming Police Station. I was beaten and shocked with electric batons by several police officers. After transferring me to the detention center, the police there battered me even more severely. I went on a hunger strike to protest the torture and they beat me even harder because of it. On September 23, I was sent to the No.1 Hospital of Xihu District, where I was force-fed through my nose. Later, I was taken back to the detention center and my whole body was stretched and bound on a board with handcuffs and shackles. Before another forced-feeding, on the afternoon of September 25, I took out the force-feeding tube from my stomach because of the unbearable pain. The prisoners in the cell jumped on me and tied my hands behind my back with a wet towel. They pressed me on the bed and hit me; my body was trembling terribly. Policewomen Zhang Jinjuan asked me if I would eat, while I almost fainted and was unable to speak, I could only shake my head (indicating "No!") with great difficulty. Then, Zhang Jinjuan said to the head of the prisoners, Wang, "She's yours now." Upon Zhang Jinjuan's leaving, Wang said to the others, "Close the window and the door, so that others won't hear her screaming."

They continued beating me for while until I had to go to the toilet. Because I was shackled and could not get to the toilet, I used a basin. Two blood clots came out of my body, one was sticky, and the other had a red circle and a piece of white stuff in the middle as big as a fingernail. The two blood clots were about .7 to .8 centimeters wide. A prisoner asked if it was menstrual blood. I said, "It's not. It's a miscarriage." Wang told someone to flush it into the toilet quickly. That evening Zhang Jinjuan was on duty, and Wang whispered to her, "She just had a miscarriage." Zhang said, "Really?" Wang answered, "Yes. Several people saw it."

More than a month later, I reported that I suffered a miscarriage due to torture at the detention center to the head of the police station, Guoxin Liu. He was indifferent to my suffering. The detention center staff did not provide me with any necessary treatment after the miscarriage and only gave me cold water. I still have not had the post-miscarriage operation. The prisoners present at the time were Che Chunyan, Zu Lihong, Shiyang Wang, Liu Xiaomin, Sun Fengming, Feng Wei and Ren Yulan. They are all still at Dabei Prison in Shenyang City. Reng Bin, who carried the basin and flushed the contents down the toilet, has been released now. So is another witness and prisoner, Liu Shujing.

Relevant phone numbers:

Supervision and Management Branch, Benxi Police Station Address: No. 5 Yuren Street, 117002
Head Office: 86-414-5892591
Party Director Office: 86-414-5892765
Vice-head Office: 86-414-5892021, 86-414-5892511, 86-414-5890352
Supervising room: 86-414-2833176
Xia, Head of the 610 Office at Benxi City
Hu Jun, Head of Benxi Branch, Domestic Security and Protection Regiment : 86-414-2833102, 86-414-3210223, 86-13804141644 (C)
Zhao Changsen, Party Director of Benxi Branch, Domestic Security and Protection Regiment: 86-414-2833105, 86-414-2810839, 86-13904946599 (C)
Chen Zhongwei, Party Director of Weiningying Education Center, Benxi City
Liu Shaoshi, Head of Addition Department, Weiningying Education Center, Benxi City
Court of Pingshan District
Zhao Lizhi, Chief Justice
Lu Xuelian, Fan Bailing, Judges
Chu Wei, Recorder