A. I have been doing technical work for Dafa for several years now. Recently I gained a deep understanding, that while doing technical Dafa work, our righteous thoughts must be strong. Before, usually when a problem appeared, I was able to find a way to solve it. When practitioners discussed with me about some computer problems, I would find a way to fix the problem, but only from the aspect of everyday people's superficial techniques, instead of thinking about the power of our righteous thoughts. I have the opportunity to be in contact with the practitioners in some material production sites. In reality, most of them do not know how to use computers, however with their righteous thoughts they are doing well. When I saw this, I started to think about the serious problem I have. Now, after realizing this point, when teaching practitioners computer skills, we share our experiences first. This is a complete change from the way I used to do things. I used to only teach the technical part. I was strongly touched one day, while doing Dafa work. When I was printing some materials, there was a serious paper jam in the machine. If it was before, I would have immediately started to fix it. But right at that moment, I thought about righteous thoughts. Therefore, it was the first time I crossed my legs and sent forth righteous thoughts to the printer. After that, the printer never had any problems, and it also took less time to complete printing everything. (30 minutes less than usual). Previously, when a problem emerged, I immediately tried to find a solution, just like the way western doctors cure illnesses. Actually, the fundamental issue is not really solved, and later on we found that the problem still continually appeared. Thus, fellow practitioners really have to pay attention to cultivating ourselves well and not only depend on technical skills. Our righteous thought must be foremost.

B. There is a practitioner in her 50s who does not know computers at all. In 2001, I taught her how to copy DVDs. I only taught her the very basics, like where to double click on the computer, and if that didn't work to send forth righteous thoughts, and then it will surely work. Thereafter, she copied a lot of DVDs and everyone says she makes them very well with no mistakes.

C. Based on my experience, before doing Dafa work, we should study the Fa first, sit in lotus position and calm our hearts, then start to work. Especially when printing materials, if the heart is not calm, mistakes can easily appear. When the heart is calm, there will not be a problem even if printing thousands of materials.

D. I think because interference exists, technical problems also surface. Because everyday people do not cultivate and experience this kind of interference, their computers will not have any problems at all. The interference can be detected by its difference from ordinary technical problems. For example, when I installed an internet phone, within a month the internet line was disconnected more than three times. One time it was cut by construction work, another time it was cut by some object, and then another time the line was cut by a person trimming a tree. It all appeared to conform to everyday people's formality, but in normal situations, where have such things occurred? One time I uploaded two megabytes of very important information, it took me three hours to finish it, and problems appeared here and there. With most of the problems I knew what was going on, but some problems came from nowhere, and I knew that it was interference.

E. Before, when I was seriously involved in technical work, many times it took me an entire night to solve the problems, but the results were obviously not good. Later on more and more work needed to be taken care of, and my Fa study habits also suffered. Sometimes when sending forth righteous thoughts, my mind was not at rest. I kept thinking about how to handle the problem of this computer, or that computer. After a long period of time, I could not sense the problems I had because I was very busy. I always felt tired and sleepy. My condition was really not good. After I noticed the problem, I corrected it. Now I feel that everything I do is very easy. This is why I would like to share this with you.

F. Actually that "tired" I mentioned, is interference. This occurred several days ago, when I was maintaining software and making Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party CDs. As a rule, maintaining software should be more difficult than copying the Nine Commentaries. I had been busy for two days, and copying CDs made me very tired. Since I was tired, I lay down on the bed and did not want to move at all. Whenever I thought of the CDs I felt tired, and had no strength to do it. There is something strange though, when I maintained the software I did not feel tired. I was busy for the whole morning and still felt very happy. At that moment, I noticed that when just thinking about copying the Nine Commentaries, I felt tired. This is a problem. It was the interference attacking me. I should mentally restrain it, and I then would no longer feel tired. After realizing it and negating it, the tired condition disappeared. That was a big step forward in my cultivation.

G. When the heart is not calm, problems always appear. A calm heart, plus good communication with equipment will help one complete the job smoothly.