Mr. Zhang Zhenggang of Huai'an City, Jiangsu Province was murdered by police officers from the Huai'an Police Station on March 30, 2000. The following is an update on the situation of Zhang Ziling, the child he left behind.

Zhang Ziling, 16, is a sophomore in Chuzhou High School (Class No. 7). Currently, she is living with her aunt, Zhang Zhaoming, and has no financial support whatsoever.

Her father, Zhang Zhenggang was born in 1964. He was an employee at the Huaian Industrial Trading Company. He started practicing Falun Dafa years ago and volunteered to organize the Huai'an Falun Gong practice site. On March 2, 2000, Huai'an police unconstitutionally detained him at the Haui'an Detention Center. On March 25, he was brutally beaten. He fell unconscious due to serious head injuries and was taken to the Huaiai City First People's Hospital for emergency treatment. The doctors operated on his head, opening his skull to remove the accumulated blood. He was under police surveillance the whole time. On the night of March 30, the doctors performed an electrocardiogram on him. Although he was still in a coma and his heartbeat was weak, he was still breathing. Soon afterwards, about 40 to 50 police officers secured the hospital hallways and his room, forced the doctor to remove the oxygen tank and the IV drip, injected him with an unidentified substance and sent his body to the crematory.

Zhang Ziling's mother is Zhang Zhaoyun, born in 1962. She has also been detained several times for practicing Falun Gong. In July, 2001 she was sentenced to five years in prison. At present, she is being unconstitutionally detained in the Xingsheng Weaving Factory Women's Prison Camp, in Nantong City, Jiangsu Provice.

Zhang Ziling's grandmother was also sent to prison for three years because she practices Falun Gong.

For more information on Zhenggang's death, please refer to the article "Mr. Zhang Zhenggang Was Murdered by Chinese Police":

(Chinese) http://search.minghui.org/mh/articles/2000/4/20/3833.html

(English) http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2000/4/20/8448.html

June 1, 2005