This incident began when someone reported to the authorities that there was a Dafa conference in progress. Police officers came and arrested a number of practitioners, and I was among them.

At the police station that evening, I was interrogated, but I decided not to answer any of their questions. After a whole night of questioning, the policeman's page remained blank. The officers only remembered that I was a Dafa practitioner and that Falun Dafa was good.

The next morning, new officers came on duty. Their demon nature was quickly revealed when they kicked and punched us. After the beating, I was relocated to another office, where officers interrogated me again. I responded with silence. That night, they left me handcuffed in the hall with a guard to watch me. A padlock was put on the main door, and outside the door was a steel gate, which was also locked. The guard put a folding bed across the doorway so that he could watch me.

Under these circumstances, escape was out of the question. I told myself, "Our apprehension by the police was definitely the work of the old forces, and I cannot accept that. I must expose this persecution and take the path Teacher has planned."

The night was chilly, and I was shivering. When I finally settled down, the guard had already fallen asleep. I started to struggle to free my hands from the handcuffs. But the more I struggled, the tighter the handcuffs seemed to grip my wrists; they bit into my flesh painfully.

Suddenly, I was enlightened to this principle: Under such circumstances, any person would struggle to try to free himself. But hadn't Teacher said that our body in the other dimension can shrink and expand at will? So, if the handcuffs do not change in size in the other dimension and our body can, then...

Teacher's words suddenly flash across my mind,

"For a practitioner, one's mind intent dictates the supernormal ability to do things. For an everyday person, one's mind intent directs the four limbs and the sensory organs to work..." (Zhuan Falun -Lecture 9)

Yes, that's it. Quickly, I asked Teacher to strengthen my supernormal power, and my hands simply slipped out of the handcuffs with ease.

I withheld my excitement. While waiting patiently for the right opportunity, I could not help feeling amazed at how wonderfully Teacher arranges things. Then, just before dawn, an officer knocked at the door and asked to be let in. Still half asleep, the guard got up and opened the doors. After unlocking the padlocks, unbolting the doors, and letting the officer in, he simply re-bolted the doors and went to the washroom, forgetting to put the padlocks back on. Those few seconds were enough for me to walk out of the police station with dignity.