(Clearwisdom.net) Regarding Fa-rectification cultivation, many fellow practitioners have talked about problems and understandings in various areas from different angles, which has had a huge positive impact on our improvement as a whole and ability to keep up with Master's Fa rectification process. This article will only talk about a few of my personal viewpoints on some issues that should be addressed in Fa-rectification cultivation, and hopefully achieve the goal of sharing and improving together with fellow practitioners.

1. Truly cultivate and let go of self

Master requires us to do the three things well. The first thing is to study the Fa well and cultivate ourselves well. This is the basic prerequisite for clarifying the truth, saving the world's people and eliminating the evil with our righteous thoughts. Cultivation requires us to put down our fundamental attachments and human thoughts, look into ourselves and try to find problems in our xinxing. Only by doing this are we truly cultivating, and only by doing this can we validate the Fa well, and clarify the truth to save the world's people.

I am a Dafa practitioner who had previously gone astray in my cultivation under the evil's brainwashing, but the root cause was from myself. For example, I had many jumbled thoughts and frequently lost my concentration during Fa study. I couldn't use the Fa to rectify myself, and could not recognize the fundamental difference between Fa-rectification cultivation and personal cultivation. I become hotheaded. I fought like ordinary people in conflicts and wouldn't listen to different opinions. Sometimes I scolded others with differing opinions, acting like their leader or parent. I even felt the reason that I couldn't do Fa-validation work well was because of my family members, and I criticized them as demons. While appealing or clarifying the truth, what was on my mind was not validating Dafa, but my own consummation; my starting point was not from the Fa.

All of these were the manifestations of not cultivating myself. As time went by, these were easily taken advantage of by the evil and it was easy to go astray under persecution and "enlighten along an evil path." In my opinion, if we truly cultivate ourselves and put down our fundamental attachments, we will not be persecuted and go astray in cultivation.

We should more clearly understand the seriousness of Fa-rectification cultivation and pay more attention to our own cultivation while validating the Fa. We should use the standard of Dafa to examine ourselves, elevate our "xinxing" level and let go of self. Otherwise, no matter how much Fa validation work we have done, it is only ordinary people doing good deeds for Dafa, and it is very easy to be taken advantage of by the evil.

Master has told us numerous times that we should conform as much as possible to ordinary society in cultivation. Therefore, maintaining good family relationships is not merely an issue for ordinary people, but for Dafa practitioners to harmonize Dafa and do well in our cultivation. Dafa practitioners are paving the paths for future generations and we should display Dafa practitioners' wonderful demeanor to the world, treating everyone with compassion. Couples should have happy marriages and families should be harmonious. Otherwise, people will criticize us, and say that we talk one way and act in another. How can we validate Dafa like this? In fact, such situations have already caused negative effects in some places.

2. Pay attention to safety

Validating Dafa and saving sentient beings is the historic mission of Dafa disciples. As Dafa disciples, validating Dafa is perfectly justified. There is no excuse not to do it. We not only should do it, but do it well to be worthy of Master's benevolent salvation.

However, the evil is persecuting Dafa, and many fellow practitioners are subjected to various kinds of torture. We must clearly understand that paying attention to safety is absolutely not about being afraid, but about being responsible for Dafa. Master has talked about this in numerous lectures and fellow practitioners have repeatedly emphasized it. Nonetheless, the same problem still comes up often. We should pay more attention to safety and not let down our guard. We must look at this problem based on Dafa.

Of course, paying attention to safety has many aspects. Overall, if we steadily do the three things Master requires well, the problems related to security can be completely solved. Therefore, I think we should pay attention to the following aspects:

A. Study the Fa more, look within when problems arise, truly cultivate our hearts, let go of self, eliminate our fundamental attachments, and truly improve ourselves in the Fa. Once we have strong righteous thoughts, we can deny all the evil's arrangements.

B. Pay attention to the cultivation of speech. The establishment of small-scale truth-clarification material sites all over China like flowers blossoming everywhere has created very good conditions for us to validate the Fa and clarify the truth to save sentient beings. But some practitioners do not pay attention and tell others details about who is doing various things.

We have had many harsh lessons in this regard, which we should not forget and should always keep in mind.

3. Value the role of the Minghui Website

After July 20, 1999, Dafa practitioners in Mainland China lost their group study and group practice environments, and lost the conditions to improve as a whole when they were not allowed to communicate with other Dafa practitioners in mainland China and overseas. During this period, the Minghui website (Chinese version of Clearwisom.net) has played the role of a bridge and connection among Dafa disciples. On the Minghui website, we can share our cultivation experiences with each other and improve as a whole; we can expose the evil to suppress it; we can get Master's new articles and lectures, and more. Overall, Minghui is the place for Dafa disciples to study the Fa and share experiences, which is an important condition for us to improve as a whole. We have the responsibility to safeguard Minghui together and help it become better and better.

During this last period of the Fa rectification, we should highly value Minghui's huge impact and should also carefully read Minghui materials, continuously close the gaps between ourselves and other practitioners, keep practicing diligently, and keep up with Master's Fa rectification process.

March 20th, 2005