(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Sun Meilian, 66 years old, is from Nanyangshan Village, Linqu County, Shandong Province. Her husband had suffered from hemiplegia when their children were still young, and he lay in bed for years, relying on medicine to sustain his life. Ms. Sun also had diseases, such as pleurisy, phthisis, hypotension, and some shoulder disease, which caused her shoulder to be numb. Since her family was already having financial difficulties, she concealed her own health problems from her children so as to not burden them with any financial and psychological concerns.

After her husband passed away, Sun Meilian considered seeking medical treatment for her diseases. But where could she find money? In 1997, Falun Dafa was spread to Nanyangshan Village. Ms. Sun was told that Falun Gong had the effect of healing and fitness, and she happily went to the practice site and started practicing Falun Gong. After that, she fully recovered from all her illnesses without any medical treatment.

Falun Dafa can improve people's morality, nobility and physical health, which can bring benefit to the country and its citizens. Yet, such a good practice has gone through more than five years of horrible suppression. How many families have been broken up because of the irrational repression by Jiang's regime? How many families have lost their warmth and harmony because a father and son now oppose each other? How many young children have become orphans after their parents were tortured to death in prison?

Chinese people should have learned their lesson during the 10-years of the Great Cultural Revolution. But today, the same tragedies are being repeated among the good people who practice "Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance." Chinese people have lost themselves in the political movements of the Party. They are numb to others' pain and have learned the art of "self-protection," i.e. they have grown away from their innate sense of justice and benevolence. Under the pressure of such struggles, one does not feel ashamed even upon betraying a family member. Some people even violate the values of ethics and morals by brutally beating their own family member. The persecution of Sun Meilian is one such example.

On March 20, 2004 (the Chinese lunar calendar), the 610 office of Linqu County forcefully abducted Sun Meilian and sent her to the Weifang "610" brainwashing center. There, they asked Sun Meilian to pay 3,000 yuan in cash. How could a senior widow from the countryside have so much money? When she could not come up with the money, they then extorted the money from her two sons.

Both sons are farmers who grow watermelons, and May 2004 was the busiest month of pollination for watermelon farmers. Liu Jianguo, head of the 610 Office, and some other officials repeatedly went to the homes of Ms. Sun's sons and threatened and harassed them. The officials seriously disturbed their normal lives and farm work. In addition, each of the sons was forced to give the 610 officials as much as 10,000 yuan. Under the current dictatorship, there is no place to seek justice. Although Ms. Sun's two sons knew their mother had done no wrong, they turned their rage on their kind-hearted mother.

When Sun Meilian returned home from Weifang in June, her two sons--against their own conscience--forbid her from practicing Falun Gong (because they were afraid of being fined again). In addition, the sons, Ma Fenghua and Ma Fengxin, and their wives did not allow her to live alone at her home, and the couples forbid her from going to visit friends. Instead, Ms. Sun had to live with her two sons. In September of the Chinese Lunar Calendar (2004), Sun Meilian lived in the house of her eldest son, Ma Fengxin. One day, when Ma Fengxin's wife found that Ms. Sun was going to visit another family, she started to brutally beat her with her fists. She ruthlessly hit the old lady on her chest and back. Sun Meilian was injured so badly that she could not move. Later, they locked Ms. Sun in the west room, and gave her one piece of Chinese bread and one thermos of water each day. They also refused to let her out of the room even when she needed to use the restroom. Ms. Sun was held captive there for one month and was finally released when the second son came to the house.

In July of the Chinese Lunar Calendar (2004), Ma Fengxin's wife found an excuse to mistreat the old woman, and from July 24 to August 3, she forbid Ms. Sun from eating or drinking anything. Though Ms. Sun was starved for nine days, she was still healthy.

One day when Sun Meilian was studying the Fa at her second son's (Ma Fenghua) home, the son seized his mother's book and tore it up. Then he fiercely pounded his mother's chest with his fists.

Sun Meilian could not bear the fact that her own sons mistreated her like this. To escape these irrational maltreatments and to stop her sons from doing such dishonorable things, she left home on January 3, 2005 (Chinese lunar calendar) under the circumstance that she had no opportunity to clarify the truth to them. Sun Meilian is currently still homeless.

For the purpose of letting the two Ma brothers and their families amend their wrongdoings and reunite with their mother, we would like to publicize the details of how these two brothers mistreated their mother. May good people no longer suffer persecution; may those who have been deceived know the fact that Dafa is under unjust persecution; and may those who have been doing wicked things no longer continue to commit these crimes.