(Clearwisdom. Net) I think it is helpful to explain how and why I joined the Communist Youth League and the Communist Party.

I attended high school toward the end of the Great Cultural Revolution. I didn't learn much in school. After graduation, the living environment was very tough and full of hardships. My parents worked very hard to make ends meet. I was 20 years old then. The social environment and my family's poor living conditions created a lot of pressure for me.

What I had learned in school was not in sync with the real world. So I decided to join the army by entering the military academy and, even if I died in battle, it would be an honor. I heard the requirement for joining the army was to pass the entrance exam. Soon after I arrived, I discovered the entrance exam was a smoke screen. Without any personal connections with officials there, there was no opportunity to take the exam.

I was quite naive. I didn't realize that I had to bribe the authorities with a gift in order to enrol. I thought all I had to do was be independent and resourceful and use my innate ability to survive. With this mindset, my dream of entering the military academy by successfully passing an entrance exam ended.

Before joining the Communist Party, it's necessary to become a Youth League member. In junior high, I didn't make it at first because I was not comfortable doing public relations. I asked my family to make a special "backdoor" arrangement with the school to issue fake documentation certifying that I was a Communist Youth League member. I submitted this to the military academy which accepted it as proof that I was a Communist League Member in school.

In my four-year military career, I was assigned to driving military vehicles. It was a prestigious assignment that stirred up jealousy, discontent and rivalry among others. I was not good at currying favor with my superiors and did not like to bribe senior officers with gifts. I even complained about this practice to the military leadership. This brought severe retaliation and I had difficulties during the rest of my career. Finally, I was forced to resign from the army.

At my resignation, I met with my commander, presented him with a gift consisting of a bed sheet and two bottles of white liqueur and invited him to dinner. While we were eating, I presented a completed application to join the Communist Party. My commander arranged for my membership in the Party. This was the black box result achievement. Although the whole affair repulsed me, it was the only thing I could do.

After studying Dafa I realize that everything in our life is prearranged. My joining the Communist Youth League and Communist Party early in my life was an illusion and completely false. It was a product of the times. It also represented the complete doom and disintegration of the Communist Party

For all those who continue to sing the praises of Communism, it's time to wake up and think about one's state of mind and circumstances when initially joining the Party. When one truly compares those circumstances to the current situation, it isn't difficult to clearly see the false, unreal illusion, and to break away and fully withdraw from the cult that is the Communist organization.