(Clearwisdom.net) The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has committed enormous, unforgivable crimes against Dafa and all the beings in the cosmos. Although not all CCP members have directly participated in the persecution of Dafa and Dafa disciples, they have added fuel to the flame as members of the CCP. In the end, they will also have to bear the consequences of the evil deeds perpetrated by the CCP.

Our Great Master is compassionate to the world's people. He has given Dafa disciples and anyone else who joined the CCP and its related organizations the chance to wash away these enormous sins. As long as they withdraw from its organizations, their sin will not be counted. Such immense mercy is really a blessing to sentient beings. Is there anyone who shouldn't cherish this?

Every day, thousands of people are announcing their withdrawal from the CCP and its related organizations via The Epoch Times' website. The CCP is as frightened as an ant on a hot pan, and has openly initiated the so-called "education" for "Upholding the CCP." Kindhearted people wonder: If everyone announces their resignation from the CCP, the Communist Youth League and Young Pioneers and have already removed this evil religion from their hearts, can everyone still continue to participate in the organizations' activities in real life?

Although these genuine declarations can wash away the mark signed by the evil spirit and the enormous karma created from being part of the CCP, will the evil spirit of the CCP let the matter rest? In the future, if it sees that more and more people abroad are announcing their withdrawal from the CCP, the Communist Youth League and Young Pioneers, this evil spirit may, out of contempt, force Dafa disciples and kindhearted people who continue to participate in the evil organization's activities to commit horrendous sins against Dafa. We should not have any illusions about the CCP. It is poisonous and wants to destroy all beings.

Given the CCP's malicious nature, I think that Dafa disciples not only need to announce their withdrawal, but also must actively and truly remove themselves from the CCP's organizations. Do not participate in any of their activities. Completely deny and sever all connections with them. Only in this way can we stop the evil's oppression and no longer participate in sinning against Dafa.

Many practitioners think that, while it is not difficult for them to withdraw from the CCP and its related evil organizations, it seems very difficult to persuade ordinary people to do so and to stop participating in the evil party's activities so that they can be saved. I think that the Fa has bestowed immeasurable wisdom upon Dafa disciples. No matter how difficult it looks, we will definitely come up with good ideas. Although it seems hard to persuade ordinary people to give up some fame and gain, advising them to withdraw from the CCP and to stop being exploited by them to sin against Dafa relates to the serious matter of their choice between life and death. No matter how hard it is, our confidence in saving people cannot waver.

In the end, I hope that everyone will use their wisdom to withdraw from the CCP and to discuss with fellow practitioners how to reduce the damage caused by the evil Party as much as possible. I hope that practitioners can exchange more experiences of helping ordinary people to withdraw from the CCP, the Communist Youth league and the Young Pioneers. I hope that all of us can do better.

As my understanding is limited, further ideas are welcomed.