(Clearwisdom.net February 6, 2005)

Minghui Weekly Inaugural Statement

With the Lunar New Year right around the corner, Minghui.net (the Chinese version of Clearwisdom.net), presents its first issue of Minghui Weekly as a New Year's gift. This weekly publication is a window through which the Chinese people can positively exercise their right to know about Falun Gong. It is also a powerful tool for Falun Dafa practitioners in China who are clarifying the truth.

Over the past five years, Minghui.net has periodically published a variety of flyers, journals, and booklets, such as Sentient Beings, New Epoch, Minghui Digest, Falun Dafa is Good, Fa Net is Tightening, and Minghui Weekends to mainland Chinese readers. Based on our audience's needs and our past experience, we decided to stop issuing Minghui Digest, which is suitable for normal society, but not for the current situation in China. In its place we have formed the Minghui Weekly editorial group and will now publish Minghui Weekly for all of China. We hope the new Minghui Weekly can focus more specifically on each specific group in the audience. At the same time, all Falun Dafa practitioners, whether they live in the cities or the countryside, and whether the truth is well known or still needs lots of clarification, can be involved in the production and distribution of this publication, further strengthening our oneness in Dafa.

Under the circumstance of the persecution, which is still ongoing in China, the Minghui Weekly will temporarily use a flyer format. Each issue will consist of three parts: 1. City Oasis, addressing urban residents; 2. Village Folks, addressing the countryside; 3. Cheerful Voices at Dawn, for young readers. The format of each section will be an independent, two-page flyer. The content and style will continue to evolve and improve to meet the audience's needs.

Every material center in China can choose one or two parts to download, print and distribute weekly. If conditions allow, they can add local information, such as local persecution facts, perpetrators' names, or even add a "Local Column" to the Minghui Weekly to attract and help local readers.

We hope all Falun Dafa practitioners in China as well as overseas who have publishing experience or who are familiar with certain audience groups will provide feedback, submit articles, or offer help of any kind. Let us work together to clarify the truth more completely, more deeply, and more specifically. Finally, we hope Minghui Weekly can bring the spring to every household, walk into people's hearts, bring good fortune, hope and a bright and beautiful future to the Chinese people!

We sincerely wish everyone a Happy New Year!

Minghui Editorial

February 4, 2005