(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Xu Fengying was a Falun Dafa practitioner from Huolinguole City, Inner Mongolia. She died on February 5, 2001 due to relentless persecution from lawless officials who constantly harassed her at her home.

Ms. Xu suffered from high blood pressure, thrombosis and numerous other illnesses before 1997. Her most severe illness was a blockage of her intestines. Doctors told her that she might not come out of the intestine operation alive. Ms. Xu started practicing Falun Dafa in March 1998. Gradually her illnesses disappeared. She went to Beijing to peacefully appeal in July 1999. The police arrested her in Tongliao and sent her to a detention center. On July 30, officers Zheng Dejun, Wang Tieshan, Zhao Fengyun, Zhu Xiaodong, and Xiao Li arrested her and extorted 1,500 yuan from her.

When Ms. Xu was released home, the authorities ordered the village's Party Secretary He Mingjian and other officials including Chen Jingfang, Liu Chang and Wang Guangming to watch her around the clock. Ms. Xu was restricted from leaving home. She was again sent to the detention center on the evening of December 1, 1999 and her home was ransacked.

On January 28, 2000, Zheng Dejun, Xiao Lizhong and other lawless officials went to Ms. Zheng's home and extorted 500 yuan from her son-in-law before allowing her to return home, where she would remain under surveillance. Ms. Xu Fengying died on February 5, 2001 from continuous persecution by the local officials, who constantly harassed her at her home.