Predestined to Cultivate

I am a college student in Taiwan. In the past I enjoyed visiting libraries and reading books about supernatural things. From these texts I gained an insight into many fascinating theories, but simply reading these books did not satisfy my curiosity. I always wanted to try these things out for myself, so I bought plenty of qigong books for personal study. But because they contained complex and confusing information, I did not study them for very long.

By chance I saw some introductory Falun Gong materials. The process seemed simple and easy. Practice the five sets of exercises, and read the book Zhuan Falun, which guides cultivation of one's xinxing. I thought this was quite good, as many of the other qigong books I read only contained information regarding the exercise practice rather than something deeper, such as cultivating one's xinxing. Falun Gong also teaches people to be truthful, compassionate, and forbearing, to not strike back when hit, and to not retort when insulted. I was fascinated and was very eager to try this out.

I quickly read Zhuan Falun and Master's overseas lectures. Time and time again, Master Li's works answered my questions, and helped me understand many problems I encountered that I was never able to solve on my own. At the same time I've greatly broadened my views, so now I can see problems from many perspectives rather than just my own. On the issue of life, because I did not know any better, I simply conformed to society and did what most people thought was best. But after learning Dafa I understood the true meaning of life, and now I can deal with things with an open and unattached mind.

Health Benefits

Before I began my cultivation I often experienced headaches. A doctor's examinations found no signs of any physical illness. The physician could only explain that people are being overstressed these days, and that I should take some prescription drugs to treat these headaches. However, the more I took these Western medicines, the more the side effects showed and the worse off my health became. Taking Chinese medicines had no effect, but through cultivation of Falun Dafa I feel like a new person. Now I no longer have to take all those drugs to suppress my headaches, and I can sleep well.

Solving My Puzzles

Actually, I already asked this question before I began cultivating, and I've discussed this with my friends many times. I said to them, "How great would it be if I could take others' insults lightly." But at the time, whenever I was insulted, I felt that my pride would be damaged if I did not reciprocate with an insult of my own. But after I insulted the person, things would quickly go downhill, resulting in a quarrel or even a fight. After those conflicts, I felt very uncomfortable deep inside myself for fighting with friends, because of my pride and my lack of self-control.

But in Zhuan Falun I truly found the answer. Now, when others insult me, I first look to see if I have done something wrong to upset the person. I learned to treat others with the highest degree of compassion and tolerance. My understanding of this came directly from the principles taught in Zhuan Falun.

Changing My Outlook on Life

Before I cultivated, seeing good qualities in other people made me extremely envious. Seeing other people's good grades, intelligence, or wealth caused me to complain that I could not be as good as them. I complained how Heaven was so unfair to me, and I even blamed my parents. But after I started cultivation, those thoughts of envy began to naturally disappear.

Even before cultivation I knew that battling with others made life tiring and laborious. Nevertheless, the "big dye vat" that is society heightened the urge for fame, recognition and fortune and to battle and compete. Often in times of pursuing something I used ignoble methods. After obtaining the object of my desire, my conscience would condemn my innermost feelings. I would also be afraid that other people would expose my non-virtuous methods. It is most painful to live with such psychological suffering and unrest. After cultivating I realized the law of gain and loss. Instead of cheating people I would at times exercise forbearance towards them. That kind of mindset, natural indifference to notoriety and recognition or gain, is truly wonderful.

A Better Personality

Before cultivation, I often got angry over trivial problems. Although I kept a smiling face when other people scolded me, or when my interests were violated, I became very disturbed in my heart and harbored resentment or even hatred. But through Falun Gong cultivation of xinxing, I truly came to understand the principle of gain and loss. I could confidently let go. I was not affected by such things and no longer held grievances in my heart.

In other words, my viewpoint changed. I will not act as I did previously. Before cultivation, I cared about my own interests in everything I did. I considered whether some action would affect my own benefits. Learning Falun Dafa has helped me understand that I should stand in the other person's shoes before taking action. This is unlike the selfishness from before, in which all I was concerned with was only myself. During conflicts with others regarding benefits and such, I can now remember that I am a practitioner and should exercise Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance.

Experiences Doing Specific Things

When others become negligent or do things incorrectly, I now first look within, to find whether I did something wrong or omitted something, causing the other person's negligence. I do not continually blame the other person. In other words, I take a broader viewpoint. Just because it is someone's responsibility to do something does not mean that only he should do it. Rather, it should be part of the whole body of practitioners. His responsibilities are also my responsibilities. We should not separate your tasks from my tasks. We should all complete the tasks together and do them well.

Perseverance and Self-revelation

Lastly, I want to share with everyone about perseverance. From the day I started studying the Fa, I knew it was great. I decided that I must be persistent and cultivate to the end. In the past two years of cultivation, however, as a result of laziness, whenever there was a difficulty or problem, I frequently found excuses. Such excuses included watching television or fervently playing computer games. When practitioners asked me to help them I claimed that I wanted to study, or used other ordinary people's excuses. I used many excuses to deceive myself. Not only had I not been truthful, but I was also covering up my attachments. I did not transcend ordinary humans as a result of not wanting to give up my many attachments.

I hope that practitioners, who also know that the Fa is great, will not hide at home, and will truly cultivate. There are many kinds of tests in cultivation. When faced with tests, some practitioners suffer setbacks or are slightly affected by interference, so they hide, not wanting to see people. On the other hand, some practitioners understand a deeper principle of the Fa and use an unaffected mind to deal with the situation. They can always clear-headedly pass such tests. Our notions restrict many things and we use these notions to cover up our attachments. If we use the Fa to rectify these notions, then at times of interference we can use righteous thoughts to deny them.

Of course, all this comes from our studying of the Fa well, and being steadfast in true cultivation, progressing step-by-step. Even if there are setbacks in the middle process, we need to bravely come out of hiding and exchange thoughts with other practitioners, find the cause of the problem, and continue to walk forward.

The above is my own humble opinion. Please kindly point out any shortcomings.