(Clearwisdom.net) Heilongjiang Provincial Women's Prison persecutes Falun Dafa practitioners not only through verbal abuse, prolonged exposure to freezing cold, starvation, and beatings, but also by assigning as many as four criminals to monitor one practitioner around the clock, and even requiring that the monitoring records, in turn, be signed by guards supervising the group. Other torture methods used on female Dafa practitioners at the prison include shocking with electric batons, beating with a policeman's rope, prolonged handcuffing in painful positions, not allowing restroom use, etc. Another new method of abuse is called "lone supervision."

"Lone supervision" is when two criminals act as "watchdogs" to monitor one Falun Dafa practitioner continuously, in order to cut her off from all outside ties and to persecute her secretly. One of the criminals assigned to monitor Dafa practitioners in the prison is part-time, and the other is full-time. Criminals who do this full-time do not have to do other work and spend their prison term persecuting Dafa practitioners. These criminals work very hard to viciously persecute Falun Dafa practitioners. They often beat and scold these women, and resort to all means. On one occasion, a criminal surnamed Wu put her hands into a Dafa practitioner's vagina to sadistically harm her when she was immobilized in a torture device. Some criminals who are entrusted with heavy responsibilities in monitoring female Dafa practitioners sexually abuse them.

From May to July 2004, women who were subjected to this kind of torture in the Seventh Supervising District are Ms. Miao Xiaolu, Ms. Chen Yunxia, Ms. Zheng Hongli, Ms. Zheng Jinbo, Ms. Sun Guizhi, Ms. Wang Fajuan, Ms. Li Dongxue, Ms. Liu Yaqin, Ms. Han Xingli and others. Those participating in the persecution are head of the supervising district Kang Yazhen, deputy head Cui Yan, police officer Wu Xuesong, criminal Zhang Qingmei, Song Xiaolei and others. Wu Lijun, Wang Shuxia, Pan Qingli and Shen Jinge witnessed this. Dafa practitioners in the Eighth Supervising District reported these crimes to the Procuratorate, exposing how the prison guards broke the law, but the women's prison did not stop the brutal persecution.

In 2004, the First Supervising District brutally tortured Falun Dafa practitioners as many as six or seven times. On December 21 and 29, the First Supervising District set up an illegal torture chamber. Ms. Guan Shuling, Ms. Zhang Liping, Ms. Zhang Jing, Ms. Zhang Xiaobo, Ms. Zhang Linwen, Ms. Chen Weijun and other Dafa practitioners were hung up by their handcuffs for prolonged periods of time. Ms. Chen Weijun's legs were bound. After these women passed out from being cruelly hung up for so long, they were injected with drugs. After Ms. Guan was injected with an unknown drug, she vomited and couldn't walk straight. On December 31, Ms. Guan was transferred to another place to be supervised. On January 3, 2005, Ms. Wang Juyan was also supervised. After Ms. Wang stopped her hunger strike and before her health had recovered, she suffered serious torture for four days. After Ms. Guan was kept in the freezing cold for a number of days, they then tortured her for another five days. On January 13, Ms. Wang was secretly put into a solitary confinement cell. Ms. Liu Shufen shouted, "Falun Dafa is good," and they sealed her mouth with tape. Recently, she was handcuffed on the ice-cold ground. Both of her legs were tied up and she was not allowed to sit cross-legged. The guards were afraid that the news would get out, so they threatened the criminals who participated in these heinous crimes and ordered them to "keep their mouths shut." Those who participated in the persecution are the head of the supervising district Cui Hongmei, the deputy head Xia Fengying, guards Lu Huan, Lu Min, He Yuqing, Yu Li, Lu Hongjun, Liu Xiaofang, clerk Yue, among others. The criminals who participated are Man Yuyue, Han Jianying, Bai Xiaoli, Wang Jindan, Chen Fanghui, Sun Xiuyun, Sheng Qiaomei, Feng Xiaobo and others, totaling over ten people. In "supervising," those who secretly suffered from persecution include Ms. Ding Yu, Ms. Zhang Shuzhe, Ms. Liu Shufen and others. Cases of Dafa practitioners imprisoned in solitary confinement cells need to be investigated in detail.

(Note: For regular phone numbers, dial the country code + the area code before the numbers. For cell phone numbers, dial only the country code before the numbers. Country code: 86, Area code: 451)

Wardens: Xu Longjiang, Liu Zhiqiang

Politics Committee: Chu Xiuhua (female), 86684001 ext. 3003

Heads of the Fourth Production Brigade: Wu Yanjie, Tao Shuping

Head of the Eighth Supervising District: Zheng Jie, 86358314

Head of supervising district: Yan Yuhua, Yang Hua, Cui Yan

Head in the Ninth Supervising District: Zhang Xiuli, 86359539

Additional Heads of the Eighth Supervising District: He Songmei, Zhang Chunhua

Head of the Training Center: surname Lu

Head of Production Brigade: Kang Mouqin, Xia

Head of Prison Political Section: Yang Libin

Head of the Prison Detection Section: Xiao Lin, 1384519336 (Cell)

Prison Switchboard: 86684001, 86668488. After calling the switchboard, all one needs to do is to say the name of the person you wish to speak with and his/her title.

Address: Heilongjiang Provincial Women's Prison
Xuefu Road 389
Nangang District
Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province 150069

Telephone: 86684002 ext. 3009, 86694053

Binjiang Area Procuratorate, Harbin: 82359148

The Binjiang Area Procuratorate in the women's prison: 86663178

Address: Heilongjiang Provincial Jail Administrative Bureau
Hanguang Street 79
Nangang District
Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province 150080

Telephone: 86335924

Every Wednesday is the reception day for the bureau head: 86316442, 86342238, 86342139

January 23, 2005