The Fuyang City Middle Court Director Is Being Interrogated and Is under Surveillance

Shang Jun, female, from Taihe County, is the deputy head of the Anhui Province Department of Public Health and also the former Fuyang City Middle Court Director and CCP Fuyang City Deputy Secretary. She is now under surveillance and being interrogated. She was involved in a corruption case concerning CCP Anhui Province Deputy Secretary Wang Zhaoyao (male). Shang Jun lived a morally depraved life and had an improper relationship with Fuyang City Middle Court Deputy Director Wang Jianming (male), who is also being prosecuted.

Liu Jiayi, the deputy chairman of the Fuyang City Political Consultation Conference, is also under surveillance and being interrogated. He was formerly the CCP Lixin County Secretary and Fuyang City Middle Court Director.

During Liu Jiayi and Shang Jun's term, many Falun Dafa practitioners in Fuyang City were sentenced to prison terms. These two are directly responsible for the persecution of Falun Gong.

Shi Lanzhu from Tianjin City Is Paying Painfully for Being Hostile to Falun Dafa

Former CCP Deputy Secretary Shi Lanzhu, male, of Bohai Petroleum Company is 59 years old. His wife started to practice Falun Dafa in 1997, and he tried very hard to stop her by cursing and beating her. He ripped up Falun Dafa books many times and damaged many Falun Dafa teaching tapes. He cursed Falun Dafa's creator viciously and shouted, "Let's see how he will make me pay for this!" This all happened before 1999.

After July 20, 1999, he went to the local police station between August and September to turn in the names all Falun Dafa practitioners he knew. On January 14, 2001, he called local police and reported that his wife and another practitioner were holding activities. The police ransacked their homes, arrested and detained them but found no evidence.

He brutally beat his wife, controlled all the money, kicked his wife and son out of the house, and lived a disreputable life.

In 2000, he lost his position and was dismissed from his job. He had no future on his career path. Recently he was diagnosed with late stage stomach cancer, and had an operation on October 25, 2005. Due to complications from his history of drinking, the doctors could not anesthetize him completely. He had to endure the pain of the operation while fully conscious. He was quivering because of the unbearable pain. In the limited time he has left, he is struggling with mental and physical torments.