(Clearwisdom.net) Since July 20, 1999, the Ping'antai Forced Labor Camp has been one of the main places where Dafa practitioners in Gansu Province are persecuted. Several hundred practitioners were held there. The guards and inmates, many of whom are drug addicts, used various barbarous methods to persecute the practitioners. They used sleep deprivation, brainwashing, beating, framing, slander and sentence-extensions, etc.

In late April 2003, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) carried out another round of persecution, code named "Spring Thunder." In response to orders from the CCP, several officials, Deng Desheng, head of Division 3, political head Xu Wanjun who was later promoted to the head of Division 6 and was subsequently fired, group head Lian Jincai, guard Han Ximing, currently the political head of Group 16 in Division 6 - selected six brawny drug addicts. They were to torture Falun Gong practitioners Yang Lichuang, Yang Xiaochuan and Dong Xuezhou. Group head Lian Jincai and Han Ximing ordered Bai Yanhu, Sun Weimin, Guo Jianxin and a few others to beat Dong Xuezhou for three days, during which time people heard heart-wrenching screams.

On the afternoon of the third day, Dong Xuezhou's screams were heard in the orchard by the camp's North District dorm building. Many people who were digging holes to plant trees stopped working and tried to find out what was happening. Division head Deng Desheng made a phone call and said, "Group head Han, what's going on? We can hear him from all the way over here. That will have a negative impact on the reputation of our labor camp! Why don't you gag him?"

Li Wenhui, a guard at Division Six often says, "I have lots of ways to 'fix' disobedient Falun Gong practitioners. I can put a few articles by Falun Gong's teacher under your bed. Then I'll claim you are hiding Falun Gong articles and extend your sentence by six months. I can tie you up and hang you for ten minutes so you'll feel you are better off dead."

The following re-enactment photographs demonstrate the tortures:

"Hanging:" the upper body is bent forward at a 90 degree angle with the legs, the practitioner's arms are raised straight up and are parallel to his legs, and his legs are stretched as straight as possible. The practitioner will tremble from exhaustion after about ten minutes, and his arms and legs are tired and sore.

Reenactment photo

This is an extremely cruel torture. According to the drug addicts, no one can last ten minutes while being tortured this way. The practitioner's arms are pulled behind him. His hands are tied together so that the inside of his wrists are turned away from the body, and he is then hung by a pair of handcuffs. The pain is so excruciating that the practitioner usually cannot move his arms after a few minutes and will not recover until after a few months. Some practitioners have become disabled through this torture.

Reenactment photo

"Holding up a nail" - Two practitioners are forced to bow toward each other and hold up a nail or a chopstick between their foreheads. If they drop the nail, the perpetrators beat and kick them. After a few minutes, the nail will cause bleeding and pain.

Reenactment photo

"Knocking the anklebone" - The persecutors strike the practitioner's anklebone with brutal force, which causes great pain and swelling of the ankle. Usually, the practitioner cannot walk normally for a few days after this torture.

Two reenactment photos

"Chopping the jugular vein" - The brutes chop the left side of practitioner's neck on the jugular vein with the side of their hands, making the practitioner have difficulty turning his head and swallowing afterwards. The condition does not improve until a few days later.

Reenactment photo

"Smashing the kidneys"

a. The practitioner is hung up and the guards elbow the lower back and kidney areas with strong force. The practitioner usually has difficulty standing up, and urinates blood after this torture.

b. Two cruel people twist the practitioner's arms behind him and force him into a squatting or kneeling position. They then violently knee the practitioner's kidneys repeatedly. The practitioner usually has difficulty standing up and urinates blood after this torture.

Reenactment photo

"Carrying a sword on one's back" - This torture is used on practitioners who do not complete their work assignments. One hand comes down from the shoulder and the other hand comes up. The hands meet halfway behind the back. The jailers handcuff the practitioner and whip the practitioner's buttocks with tree branches and keep him handcuffed in this painful position. When the time to complete the day's work approaches, these evildoers scream at the practitioners to keep up or they kick the practitioners.

Reenactment photo

"Handcuffing and hang up" - The perpetrators handcuff the practitioner and hang him up.