Over the past few years the guards at Jinzhou Forced Labor Camp have been using extremely cruel types of torture to persecute Falun Dafa practitioners. In addition to various torture methods they commonly use to torment inmates, they have invented new barbaric torture methods specifically targeting Falun Dafa practitioners. Demonstrated below are some of these torture methods that they have used against the practitioners.

Torture method No.1: Forced brainwashing with a practitioner sitting on a small chair

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Guards cuff a practitioner's hands behind the back and to a bed frame. While kept in this position, some guards monitor the practitioner, some guards read slanderous articles directly to the practitioner, and others stick ear buds into the practitioner's ears and increase the volume of the tape player in order to force the practitioner to listen to the slander. If the practitioner sleeps or simply closes their eyes, the guards will brutally beat and shock the practitioner with electric batons. After twenty-four hours of torture in this way, the practitioner feels enormous pain. Their four limbs will be numb and the ears will be ringing. In particular, some practitioners collapsed mentally and were unable to stand up after this torture.

Torture method No. 2: Dead person's bed

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The four limbs of the practitioner are stretched out and tied to the four corners of an ice-cold metal bed with the practitioner lying on the bed on his back. The practitioner is unable to move and deprived of food, water, and restroom use. This treatment usually lasts from several hours up to more than a dozen days, making the practitioner unable to walk or move afterwards because the whole body is numb. This type of cruel torture causes severe damage to the practitioner both mentally and physically.

Torture method No.3: Torture of spreading the body

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A practitioner is forced to stand up, with the arms stretched out and tied to the metal bars of the bed and the legs spread apart. The guards and some criminal inmates (under the instruction of the guards) take turns beating the practitioner, kicking the practitioner's abdomen, forehead, back, face and mouth. They also smash chairs on the practitioner and burn the practitioners' fingers with a cigarette lighter. Some practitioners have lost teeth, had their eardrums broken, suffered severe burn marks on their fingers or had deformed fingers after the torture. With this method, the guards tortured practitioner Jia Jingwen and broke the handcuffs. They kicked practitioner Li Zhongjie's mouth and made him unable to close his mouth for a very long time. With the same method, Guo Weibin, Ma Jiuqing, Shen Chuang, Jiao Zhihua, and An Qingzhong beat practitioner Li Zhongjie and Zuo Zhongyou for over an hour, and caused them to feel indescribable pain in their organs.

Torture Method No. 4: Stuffing the body under a bed

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A practitioner is handcuffed along the horizontal bar of an iron bed. With the body bent, the back and hips are forcefully stuffed under the bed. Tortured with this method, a practitioner suffers tremendous pain. Some have their backs injured without being able to stand up.

Torture Method No.5: Leg-tying and torture with electric shock batons

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This is a torture method that the authorities at the Jinzhou Forced Labor Camp frequently use against Falun Dafa practitioners. First they stop a practitioner from having any sleep for a few days. Then they cuff the practitioner's hands behind the back and tie the practitioner's legs into the double-crossed posture with a rope. Then they step on the tied-up legs and knock the practitioner down so that his/her back is flat on the floor. A few guards then use the electric batons to shock the bottom of the practitioner's feet and the breastbone. Another two guards twist and beat the practitioner's head, and turn the practitioner's body upside down to make it easier for the other guards to shock the sensitive areas of the body with the electric batons. After being tortured by this method, a practitioner will not be able to walk for months.

Torture Method No.6: Tying up the legs

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A practitioner is forced to double-cross the legs. Then the guards kick the knees, and two of them tie the two legs together with a fat rope and forcefully pull the two ends of the rope in opposite directions. Another guard presses the practitioner's back to prevent the practitioner from moving. In addition, they insert a wooden stick under the practitioner's hips to increase the pain. They force the practitioner to sit in such a posture for a long time. Under this torture method, some practitioners have had their legs broken or could not move their legs for a very long time afterwards.

Torture Method 7: Brutal beating

This is one of the common torture methods used at the Jinzhou Forced Labor Camp against newly arrested Falun Dafa practitioners. The following demonstrates exactly how the guards continuously beat into unconsciousness and severely injured three Falun Dafa practitioners at the Jinzhou Labor Camp.

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Step 1: In a small room, one guard pulled the first practitioner's arms from both sides of a vertical bar of the iron bed so that the practitioner could not move. Then three other guards brutally beat the practitioner and cut the neck, the back, and the legs of the practitioner with wooden planks until he lost consciousness.

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Step 2: Taking the second practitioner into the room, two guards started to beat the practitioner with wooden planks until the practitioner fell down. The practitioner's back and head were injured, but the guards kept up the beating until the practitioner lost consciousness.

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Step 3: Taking another practitioner in, one guard seized him by the throat so that the other two could beat his back and legs with big wooden planks until he too lost consciousness. Finally the four guards stepped on the heads, feet, and hands of the three practitioners until they were confident that all three practitioners lost consciousness. With their faces deformed after the brutal beatings, the practitioners had injuries all over their bodies and were not able to move.

(To be continued.)