I was fortunate enough to attend two of Teacher's lecture series in mainland China, including the last one, in Guangzhou, in December, 1994. I sensed Teacher's lofty moral character very deeply over the course of the seminar.

There were more than five thousand practitioners in attendance at the last lecture series in Guangzhou. This was the largest group Teacher had lectured to. The goodness of the Fa had spread entirely heart-to-heart and person-to-person, and all of the practitioners attended voluntarily.

I did not decide to go to the seminar until the day before it started. I was studying as a junior and I had to overcome a lot of resistance, such as asking for a week's leave, which was not easily attained. I missed several trains and buses. When I arrived all the tickets were sold out. The night before the start of the seminar, there were almost a thousand practitioners that could not be admitted, and they were practicing together outside the seminar site, waiting for Teacher. When Teacher showed up, all of us were very excited. Teacher negotiated with the sponsor to let the practitioners go in one by one, however the sponsor did not agree based on the pursuit of profit. Before Teacher started the lecture, he went to the entrance again and looked out at those of us that wished to enter the seminar hall. He was there for over five minutes, smiling and looking at us benevolently and peacefully. All of us applauded excitedly.

Later, after Teacher negotiated with the sponsor again, several hundred people waited in line to enter and several hundred people watched the live broadcast next door. I started to watch the broadcast next door starting from the third lecture.

There were three lectures consecutively in the morning and afternoon on Sunday. During the break in the afternoon, it never occurred to us that Teacher would come to see us. All of us immediately stood up and surrounded him and asked a few questions. After all of our questions were answered, we silently looked at Teacher. Teacher's expression was so peaceful, pleasant and respectful. When Teacher left, we voluntarily kept the pathway unblocked and reluctantly saw Teacher off. The staff who accompanied Teacher came back and explained that Teacher Li felt sorry for our situation and insisted on coming to see us. He wanted this message delivered to everyone.

There were many moving stories throughout the Guangzhou seminar. Before the lecture, Teacher would come to class early and answer questions for everyone. Before beginning to lecture, He would pick up off the ground lost money and train tickets dropped by practitioners and place them on the table and announce that whoever lost anything should come and pick it up after class.

The above is my own experience. Although it's almost eleven years in the past now, Teacher's smile and expression are still there in my thoughts. On the rough path of cultivation and especially in the persecution by the evil Jiang regime, every time I think of Teacher I feel very warm in my heart. On the path of cultivation, Teacher has guided me again and again. It's only temporarily that a cloud blocks the sun. Eventually, the sun will shine again after the rain stops. Teacher's virtue is lofty and eternal.