My wife, sentenced to 10 years in prison, is currently incarcerated in the Guangdong Women's Prison.

My wife, Zhu Luoxin, developed a strange skin disease while working in Hong Kong. She felt itchy all over her body. She took many medications, but none of them could cure the disease. Before she departed to study in Canada, she returned to Guangzhou City to take care of some things. While there, she was very fortunate to be able to attend Master's classes when He was teaching the Fa in Guangzhou in December 1994. Her body was purified on the spot, and all the itchiness disappeared. She felt totally astonished with the miracle she had experienced, and decided not to go to Canada. She quit her job in Hong Kong. She found a temporary job at Manxianglou Milk Company, a joint venture, located in the suburbs of Guangzhou.

My wife is kind-hearted and diligent. She became the assistant for the Falun Gong practice site in the Liwan District, Guangzhou City. She also worked at the Nintendo and Sohu companies. In 1999 when Jiang's regime started the crackdown on Falun Gong, she was forced to leave Sohu. Zhu Luoxin was sentenced to ten years in jail because of her belief in Falun Dafa.

She is incarcerated in the Guangzhou Women's Prison where she is forced to do heavy labor every day. She has turned a lot darker due to exposure to sunlight and has suffered serious damage both physically and mentally.

My 70-year-old mother was sentenced to seven years in prison.

My mother, Wu Yuxian, is over seventy and was sentenced to seven years in prison. She is now being held in the Nanning Women's Prison in Gaungxin Province. Due to the cruel persecution and mental torment in the prison, she has developed late-stage breast cancer.

My brother Wu Zhijun used to work at the Microorganism Institute of the Zhongshan Medical University in Guangzhou. He is now incarcerated at the Guilin Prison in Guangxi Province, with a sentence of eight years.

My aunt Wu Yuyun (my mother's sister) was a retired teacher from the Guangdong Jiangmen No.1 High School. In September 2004, she died as a result of the persecution.

I too was detained on May 28, 2001, and sent to the Guangzhou No.1 Labor Camp for two years of forced labor. I was not released until February 28, 2003.

The persecution has broken up my family, with my family members being forced to live far apart. Now, I'm wandering in a foreign country far from home. When can my family members be together again?

The Telephone numbers of the prisons where my family members are locked up are as follows:

The Guangdong Women's Prison
The Office of Guangdong Women's Prison: 86-20-87413120, guard: 86-20-87413069
The Prison Administration Section: 86-20-87413186
Zhang Chunmei, female guard of the Guangdong Women's Prison: 86-20-87413538 86-13580597860 (Cell)

The Guilin Prison
The Political Commissar of the Guilin Prison: 86-13807736186 (Cell), 86-773-5866118 (Home)
Prison Chief Li Yukun: 86-13307731899 (Cell)
Jiang Wei: 86-13607732378 (Cell)
The Deputy Head of the Education Section, Jiang Min: 86-13617733197 (Cell), 86-773-5865182 (Office)
The Prison Administration Section, Li Bin: 86-773-5865348
Section 9: 86-773-5865290
The Political head: Hwang Zongguang
The Section head: Li Ruikun
The Deputy political head, Liao Yongkun: 86-13517736102 (Cell)

September 25, 2005

I am writing down the following recollections in order to express my feelings about missing my family members who are being persecuted in prisons.