(Clearwisdom.net) After Dafa practitioner Ms. Gao Rongrong was shocked and disfigured by electric batons and murdered, all the world was appalled by this atrocity perpetrated by the Chinese Communist Party. However, Ms. Dong Jingya, who once took care of Gao Rongrong after she had survived many tortures, is still being tortured.

Ms. Dong Jingya's son, Little Tianhao

Ms. Dong Jingya and her mother Ma Lianxiao

When Ms. Gao Rongrong was detained in the hospital, Jingya paid a great deal of attention to her. After Rongrong was successfully rescued, she was in very bad shape. A fractured femur had become broken and her face developed disfiguring scars due to the electric shocks. She had experienced both physical and mental tortures. She was in such bad shape that she could not even raise her head. Nevertheless she had to face the black web of persecution that Jiang, Luo, Zeng and their evil regime had spun throughout the whole country.

Seeing what Rongrong had experienced, Jingya (who was also in the difficult position of being homeless in order to avoid the persecution) took upon herself the responsibility of caring for Rongrong. Under Jingya's attentive care, Rongrong's health gradually improved.

While Rongrong was detained in the hospital, she said to her family many times, "I am so eager to be free so that I can openly study the Fa, do the exercises and clarify the truth like my fellow practitioners on the outside." At the time, although Rongrong was very weak, she still tried her best to clarify the truth to the doctors and nurses she came into contact with.

Rongrong cherished the five months between October 2004 when she was rescued and March 2005 when she was arrested again. During these five months, she shook off the police persecuting her and was able to freely study the Fa, do the exercises, and produce materials to help save all beings. She was able to do the things she most wanted to do in her life.

In those days, the Jiang regime's lackeys were swarming everywhere, hunting. In the small room where Rongrong hid, Jingya looked after her so purely and benevolently.

The evil party in China suppresses Dafa practitioners with a fury. The unbridled persecution finally interrupted Jingya and Rongrong's quiet interlude. It was said that the police stealthily unlocked the door at 3:00 a.m. and illegally arrested Gao Rongrong and Dong Jingya.

Under the evil police's torture, Rongrong endured the last 100 days of her life. However, Jingya is still being tortured at the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp in Liaoning Province. It is said that Jingya has been on a hunger strike for more than six months, and she is in critical condition. But the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp refuses to release her.

Gao Rongrong was tortured to death and Dong Jingya is still being tortured. Let's rescue Dong Jingya with our hearts and actions.

Masanjia Forced Labor Camp: 86-24-89210822, 86-24-89212252, 86-24-89210454
Chief of the Second Female Division of the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp: Su Jing

October 25, 2005