(Clearwisdom.net) At the end of 2001, we were moved into a new building, which houses the so-called "School for Educating the Mind." This building looks luxurious and modern on the surface, but my fellow practitioners and I have suffered tremendously during the so-called "battle against determined practitioners" there. We went through numerous sleepless nights. I have seen many, many practitioners tortured in the hallway, washroom, clothes drying yard, cafeteria and bathrooms. Especially in the police's bathroom, there are Dafa practitioners squatting there every day. Those practitioners are not allowed to have meals in the cafeteria; instead they have to eat in the bathroom.

Starting in December of 2002, the Liaoning Police Department sent some policemen from Jinzhou, Fushun and Benxi to Masanjia. Many practitioners were forced to write the three statements. Later, they were also forced to write "four statements," "five statements", and then forced to "expose and condemn" other practitioners. They have to write "thought reports" and attack other practitioners. If they didn't beat and swear at other people, they would not be considered "fully reformed" and continue to be brainwashed.

That situation lasted for over one month, and each day felt like a year. The very determined practitioners passed the mental trial but physically they were scarred. Some of them had their legs swollen with their ankles black and blistered; some had pus oozing from places around their ankles.

I saw a female practitioner dabbing at the pus with a tissue. She came from Dandong and was around 30 years old. I didn't know her name. He legs were forced into a crossed position and tied with cord for a long time.

Another practitioner was tied with her limbs bent together and hung up for 6 days and nights. At the time of this writing, she could not straighten her back. Her body became swollen because of the static position, and dark patches of black and blue appeared all over her body. Some places of her body necrotized, and some places became as hard as a stone. She also developed a huge sore which became infected after being tortured by electric shocks. Her name is Wang Yunjie. I don't know where she is from.

Another practitioner came from Huludao City. She is blind and has to touch the wall to walk. I don't know her name or how she became blind. But I know she was healthy before she entered Masanjia. There are numerous examples like this.

There were more than one hundred determined Dafa practitioners there at that time, and almost all of them have suffered different types of torture. Some of them were forced to wear a helmet. When a guard found somebody dozing, he would pour a bucket of water onto the practitioner's head, and then he would use a pair of chopsticks to bang on the helmet. Some of the practitioners were forced to raise their arms high for a long period of time; some of them were tied onto the heating pipe; some had socks stuffed into their mouths, and some had their hands cuffed behind their backs.

When practitioners' family members visited, some of them told their family, "If I die in here, it must be because they have tortured me to death. At that time you must seek justice for me." Many family members could not believe it until the next visit, when they saw the practitioners were emaciated and injured. They were often stunned by the sight.

As soon as that kind of persecution stopped, practitioners had to labor outside digging and planting trees. Every day they dug dozens of big holes. Their hands became covered with blisters and many still had to work overtime if their quotas were not completed. After that, they had to weed, move mud, and fix the big holes up day in and day out. During the SARS epidemic, they were not allowed visitors from home, so the policemen had that time to persecute the practitioners again. The practitioners suffered the same torture again for another month.

The same methods are still being utilized today. We ask everyone to please help those practitioners being held in Masanjia.