(Clearwisdom.net) I have a relative whose wife and daughter live in England. At the end of October 2004, after my friend returned to China from visiting his family members in England, he said to me, "The cruel repression of Falun Gong will definitely be redressed." I did not say a word. He continued, "England pays a great deal of attention to China's persecution of Falun Gong. Voices of indignation can be heard everywhere. Wherever you go, on the streets, in the parks, or in the communities, you come across truth-clarification flyers, newspapers and even people clarifying the truth in person. They are all affable, polite, and appear principled and rational-- nothing like the ominous lot portrayed by CCTV. The atmosphere in England is very peaceful, and many British people practice Falun Gong. Why is there not even one single murderer among them? The disgraceful false propaganda that China manufactures while burying its head in the sand is notorious overseas. From the newspapers and television over there, I understand that China, the country that brags about its human rights records, is deceiving its people. They mercilessly torture and beat those who practice Falun Gong. They brainwash, illegally sentence and send them to labor camps, handcuff and hang them up, and even rape the female practitioners. They stop at nothing. It is really horrifying."

My relative added, "In China, every day when I saw the propaganda and lies slandering Falun Gong on television, I thought they were true. Little did I know that only by going to a foreign country would I be able to learn about what happens in China and the truth of this matter. What a pity. What a shame for us now, and what a disgrace to our ancestors. They made a fool out of me. Falun Gong really is not like what's shown on television. There are people learning Falun Gong in more than 60 countries worldwide. The forced labor camps and jails in China persecute people who practice Falun Gong, while the jails in Taiwan offer Falun Gong classes."

My relative further indicated that Jiang Zemin had deceived our people in the name of the government. We, the common people, need to establish a yardstick by listening more and reading more, and understand Falun Gong so we won't be tricked. Do not blindly follow Jiang, who is a liar and a traitor and has wronged good people. Regardless of who is in power, we, the common people, are also citizens and must not repeat these lies, against our own consciences.