(Clearwisdom.net) A woman in her 60's, a practitioner, sent out Falun Dafa truth clarification information all over on the main streets and alleys, to all the workplaces and schools in a certain district in Beijing without let-up for four years. She did this to offer salvation to people. She came from another place and only knew one practitioner in Beijing. Under these conditions it is really difficult to do well. The first problem was that it was difficult to find a source for Falun Dafa truth-information materials. She could only depend on that one practitioner in Beijing who lived far from her. She got only a small quantity of truth handouts each time. She wanted to distribute more but couldn't find any more. She would have liked to ask for additional supplies, but was afraid the other practitioner had difficulty. She felt quite anxious since Beijing is such a big city and so many people were waiting to be offered salvation, but the materials were so lacking. How couldn't she be worried?

Later on, she and another practitioner who also came from a place other than Beijing started to make truth-clarifying materials by themselves. They bought some supplies to write information by hand. They wrote incessantly and sent things out. When their hands became numb and weak from writing, they still felt very happy. Since she had their own source of the truth material, she was able to get seventy, eighty or even over a hundred pages of truth materials each time when she went out. After distributing all the materials she returned safely.

As the course of Fa-rectification rapidly pushed forward, she always said, "Our practitioners in Beijing should keep up with Master's Fa-rectification. We should value this incomparably precious opportunity and be sure to do well the three things that Master asked us to do [study the Fa, explain the facts and send forth righteous thoughts]. To hand-write truth materials is too slow and inefficient, as well as' troublesome. How can this be speeded up to offer salvation to more people?" She then made a decision and bought a small portable printer and copy machine. She learned to operate them herself, step by step, with the manual's instructions. She was so pleased that she looked like a happy child and said, "It's actually very easy!"

From then on, she made truth handouts/flyers by herself and then distributed them. It was so easy that she felt very happy. She was very careful and serious during the printing of the information. She ensured that the content of the flyers came from the Minghui website. She said, "We cannot deviate from the general direction Master pointed us to."

Since she got the two little machines, she never let them rest. The machines ran every day and she distributed what she had produced each day. She did this for four years and walked around as if treading on air. During the lunch break, few people would walk in the hallways and stairways of residential buildings, which was a good opportunity for her to distribute the flyers. For outlying areas around Beijing, she would walk miles to get there and distribute the printed pages. When the distance was far, she would take a bus. She never delayed to go out because of bad weather. In the hot summer she went out in the baking sun. In the cold winter she went out against the bone-chilling, northerly wind. She persisted in distributing the materials in one residential area after another, and in one building after another, without missing a single one. Even though distributing truth materials put her in danger and she was in her sixties, she still persevered in doing so year after a year, and day after a day. It's just as she said, "I'm Master's disciple. What Master tells us to do, I do it. Master tells us to hurry up and offer salvation to sentient beings. Everything here then should be a green light to clarify Falun Dafa truth and save sentient beings. This is the real, true cultivation according to Falun Dafa and taking it as the most important priority!"

One day around noon this spring, when she and a fellow practitioner were distributing truth materials in a small residential building, a woman happened to notice them. The woman then shouted, "Falun Gong practitioners are distributing fliers here. Hurry! Come and arrest them!" The practitioner sent out righteous thoughts and went downstairs from another exit on the third floor. She calmly stepped out the 'door without any hurry. On the way home, the other practitioner asked her, "Were you afraid just now?" She answered honestly, "No, I had no fear. I just thought: I have Master, I have Falun Dafa, and nobody can touch me. I came here to offer you salvation. What I did is the most righteous and best thing."

The practitioner often provided her home-made truth materials for practitioners from other areas, studied the Fa together with them and shared her experiences with them. Fellow practitioners acclaimed, "Auntie, at your age 'you unrelentingly spread the truth and have done it the same way for several years; it's really remarkable!" She always replied, "What I did is not enough! I still have many human attachments and I'm far from the standard Master requested us to achieve ......"

When the practitioners in other areas were interested in how she printed and copied truth materials by herself, she would tell them her story. Under her influence, several practitioners bought portable copying machines and started to make truth materials by themselves, not depending on others' help anymore. We hope such small-scale, family style truth materials printing sites can spring up all over Beijing as soon as possible. Let's truly do as what Master said,

"Dafa disciples, don't forsake the magnificent responsibility that has been bestowed upon you in Fa-rectification, and even less should you disappoint those beings, as you are now their only hope for entering the future. For this reason, all Dafa disciples, students both new and veteran, should get to work and begin comprehensively clarifying the truth. This is especially so for the Dafa disciples in Mainland China: each must come out and clarify the truth, bringing it to every field and valley, mountain and hill, not omitting a single area where there are people." ("Let Go of Human Attachments and Save the World's People") '