(Clearwisdom.net) January 4, 1995, is a day that I will never forget. The Falun Dafa Association scheduled an annual review meeting in the auditorium of the Police Ministry in Beijing. More importantly, the meeting was followed by the book publishing ceremony for Mr. Li Hongzhi's book Zhuan Falun. During the ceremony, Master Li was there in person to introduce his book to the world.

The tickets to the event were distributed to assistant centers in Beijing two days in advance. Teacher specifically asked that some tickets be given to new practitioners, not just practice site assistants. Teacher said, "I want to meet my new students." On January 4, after finishing work and getting something to eat, fellow practitioner Lao Mei and I rode our bicycles to attend the meeting in the auditorium of the Police Ministry. I could truly feel that other dimensions were filled with energy.

It was an ordinary evening, but on the other hand, it was very unusual.

That was the first time I attended a meeting of Falun Dafa practitioners. Upon entering the auditorium, I saw many people there. The banner above the stage clearly indicated the theme of the meeting. The table was covered with a white tablecloth, with more than 10 chairs placed behind it. Since we all knew Teacher would come, everyone was serious. The auditorium was solemn and sacred.

When the meeting started, Wang Zhiwen, the Falun Dafa Association Beijing Branch Director, first gave an annual review. Then he announced that Teacher's book Zhuan Falun would be published. In addition, 500 copies of the book would be given as a gift to domestic and overseas practitioner representatives. At that time, I was thinking, "When will I be able to see this book? What is in the book?" I was also happy for those who could get the book first.

When it was announced that Mr. Li Hongzhi would give a lecture to new practitioners, the auditorium was charged with excitement. Warm applause started and lasted a long time.

I saw Teacher coming! He was tall and smiling. Teacher waved his hands to us when he appeared. With compassion, he looked around the auditorium to see all the practitioners. He also waved his hands to the practitioners in the back, and those on the second floor, to greet the practitioners who had not seen him before.

"Happy New Year, everyone!" This greeting warmed our hearts like a warm breeze. It was compassionate, and we were deeply touched.

Teacher then began to give a lecture. He told us principles of cultivation at high levels. Teacher also asked us to extend our hands to feel the rotation of Falun. Teacher explained to us the cultivation principles with simple words. Many of us had been wandering about in low-level Qigong systems for a long time, and Teacher's lecture solved the puzzles we'd struggled with for years. It was like sunlight breaking through the clouds and showing us the way. Teacher's lecture brought us to a gigantic cosmos, and we began to understand the universe's profound principles. It was so extraordinary and fascinating. Solemnly listening to such a lecture in the auditorium seemed even better than reading books for a hundred years! I felt it was so good! Teacher said Zhuan Falun was published on that day, and we would be able to read it soon. After obtaining the Fa, one would know the cultivation principles. By cultivating according to Dafa, one would achieve consummation. From then on, I only hoped to obtain the Fa soon!

In this way, I listened to Teacher's lecture. With respect to Teacher and longing for the Fa, all practitioners in the auditorium listened attentively. No one walked by during the two-hour long lecture.

At that time, I did not realize the importance of the meeting, and since then I have not had an opportunity to meet our respected Teacher. Of course, I could still see Teacher--when studying the Fa, I was able see Teacher on the videotapes and VCD. Even more often, I could see Teacher through supernormal abilities.

Time flies, and so many years have passed. But that wonderful moment was left in my heart forever. Through the lengthy and arduous journey, it motivated me to follow Teacher diligently in Fa-rectification.

In the following years of cultivation, I came to understand that Teacher's Fashen is always by our side. As long as we respect Teacher and the Fa, "consider the Fa as Teacher," have righteous thoughts and righteous actions, we will become Fa-rectification Dafa disciples under Teacher's guidance. Teacher's Zhuan Falun is the Fa that I was looking for. It is extremely precious, and the Fa principles manifest in everything. With our heart, we will be enlightened.