(Clearwisdom.net) As my enlightenment quality is not very good, what I have relied on is Fa-study and hints from Teacher.

In the beginning, I did not enlighten to Teacher's hints, so I wasted a lot of time and did not step forward to validate Dafa. Even now I am still not doing very well and I need to put in more effort. I think I need to improve in three areas: studying the Fa, cultivating myself, and sharing experiences with fellow Dafa practitioners. In this article I'd like to talk about how sharing experiences has helped me.

Jiang's regime tries to control us in two areas: one is in the area of information from the internet, the other is in the area of communication between Dafa practitioners. We should break through all these arrangements. I gained a lot through communicating with local Dafa practitioners.

A female local Dafa practitioner with strong righteous thoughts told me the following. One day, 15 officers went to her home to ask her to go to a "re-education" session. She refused by saying "I did nothing wrong. I practice Falun Gong to improve my health and I try my best to be a good citizen. I will not go to your brainwashing class." A villager then monitored her, and told her not to go anywhere. She replied "These are my feet. I will go wherever I want to go! Since you don't like me to go anywhere, I'll go to Guangdong where my daughter works." Since then, she hasn't been interfered with and those officers no longer harass her.

Another female practitioner was beaten up and interfered with by her husband whenever she practiced Falun Gong. She stopped him with solemn words. Not long after that, her husband stopped making trouble.

She dares to sing songs praising Falun Dafa on the bus. She goes to practice Falun Gong openly at a big sports field. One time she was going to catch a bus but she ran out of time going to the bus station. Miraculously, she arrived at the bus station instantly after just thinking about it. She eliminates evil in other dimensions with supernormal abilities. She does not have the mentality of showing off. People accept her word when she clarifies the truth of Dafa to people. She follows a righteous path and practices solidly.

Another Dafa practitioner's third eye (or Tianmu in Chinese) is always open. In the beginning, he had the mentality of showing off, but he no longer has that now. Through clarifying the truth, his neighbors all understand Dafa now. He can openly deliver Dafa truth materials to the villagers. Nobody is against him. At home he sits down in the crossed-leg position and studies the Fa, sometimes for a whole night. When he goes out, he will clarify the truth of Dafa to people. He is a very good Dafa practitioner.

Another local Dafa practitioner is a farmer. When the persecution of Dafa first started, local officers organized brainwashing classes. He stepped out to protect Dafa and clarify the truth. When officers came to take away all of his Dafa books, he stepped out to protect the books. The township officers said, "You can come to reason with us. If you can persuade us, we will return your books." This Dafa practitioner, who never went to school, went to the township government to talk with the officers. With the wisdom he gained from the Fa, he won his Dafa books back. He put Teacher's picture up high at the center of his living room. When the officers came to his house, he warned them in advance: "My Teacher's photo is a Buddha's photo, you should respect him." The officers never touched Teacher's photo. Later, when Dafa truth-clarifying materials were found locally, those officers did not want to go to his home. The officers did search his home once, but found nothing.

These fellow practitioners do better than I do. I am really moved.

The righteous actions and thoughts of fellow practitioners as reported on the Minghui website (Clearwisdom.net is Minghui's English counterpart) have encouraged me a lot. I also feel ashamed, as I have seen my cowardice and selfishness. I should hurry up to catch up with them.

September 11, 2004.