(Clearwisdom.net) Recently Jiang Zemin visited Huludao City. As a result, the authorities from Huludao City Forced Labor Camp intensified the persecution of Dafa practitioners who were on hunger strike. They prohibited Dafa practitioners from being released on a bail to seek hospital treatment, claiming that if they die, that's what they deserve.

Since late July, as the number of practitioners who went on hunger strike increased, the authorities took up the policy of "Three Changes and Four Stops." (Change Strategy, Change Attitude, Change Circumstance, Stop Visits, Stop Sleeping, Stop Outdoor Activities, Stop Outside Communication) Liu Guohua said that there were orders from the upper level officials, "Those who meet with an accident or die due to their hunger strike and self injury should be responsible for all the consequences and should be considered for criminal sentence." He also said, "What's the big deal with somebody dying? The Procuratorate wouldn't care. If the family members who are informed of their relatives' death don't claim the dead body, then two or three days later the dead body will be cremated and there will be only ashes left. Wasn't Liu Liyun cremated? Go wherever you want to appeal." Wang Yongming, Head of Division No. 6, is one of the people carrying out this persecution. He often beat up and physically punished practitioners on hunger strikes and claimed, "At worst, I would no longer be a policeman. If somebody goes on hunger strike, I will conduct force-feeding until he is disabled." Recently the police officers subjected Tao Shan, Du Jincai, and Shi Chunde to solitary confinement.

At 5:50 pm on August 16, 2004, the policemen entered the solitary confinement chambers to force the practitioners on hunger strike to do the "Sitting Board." [Every day, practitioners put their hands on top of their laps, with backs straight and sit on hard-wood benches 18 hours a day] Those practitioners who refused to do so because of their weakness from the hunger strike were dragged out to suffer electric shocks. Du Jincai and Shi Chunde were beat up. In the evening during the ward inspection, the policeman asked them to report their code number. The practitioners refused and were slapped in the face. Since then, the criminals in the labor camp have also aggravated the persecution of the practitioners. The criminals often punched and kick them or beat them up with a mop handle.

Shao Shouchang, Director of City Judiciary Bureau, 86-429-3160055 (Home)

Wang Fengming, Vice Director of City Judiciary Bureau, 86-429-3118613 (Home)