(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Chen Guanghui is a 38-year-old graduate of Nanjing University, Jiangsu Province. He was a department manager at the Lianyungang Branch of the Bank of Construction, as well as the assistant manager of the department of Computer Systems. Chen Guanghui started practicing Falun Gong in 1995 and was illegally detained on September 10, 2001. A year later, on September 12, 2002, the People's Court in Baixia District, Nanjing City, sentenced him to 8 years in Suzhou Prison.

On July 29, 2004, Chen Guanghui was injured on the back of the head. He was sent to the Department of Neurology in the First Hospital of Suzhou University, where he has remained unconscious and in critical condition. The police did not notify his family until August 4, 2004. His family has visited him, but only under the supervision of the guards from Suzhou Prison.

Recently we heard that Chen Guanghui was still in critical condition, in a deep coma. There is a severe infection in his lungs, and he has a high temperature. When he had just recovered a little, the supervisor from Suzhou Prison transferred him to the hospital of Suzhou prison. The conditions in this hospital are very poor and it is not equipped to handle serious injuries like his brain injury. His parents fear that he has no hope of recovery in such conditions and have asked the head of the prison to present the documents and evidence for his alleged "suicide attempt." [The prison has apparently claimed that Mr. Chen tried to commit suicide in order to avoid their responsibility. It should be noted that Jiang Zemin has given orders that all practitioners beaten to death can be classified as "suicides."] They also requested he be transferred to a better hospital.

The request was said to be "out of the question" according to the head of the prison.

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Suzhou Prison Principal Office: 86-512-65215988
Suzhou Prison Party Secretary Office: 86-512-65212988
Suzhou Prison Administration Office: 86-512-65212386
Suzhou Prison Operation Office: 86-512-65225635
Department of Psychiatry at the First Hospital of Suzhou University: 86-512-65223637 Extension 8162
First Hospital of Suzhou University Principal Office: 86-512-65238033
First Hospital of Suzhou University Operator: 86-512-652233637
Chairman of the Bank of Construction Lianyungang Branch: 86-520-5411000
Human Resources Department at the Bank of Construction, Lianyungang Branch: 86-520-5412031
Operator at the Bank of Construction, Lianyungang Branch: 86-520-5416111
Office of Baixia District Court, Nanjing City: 86-25-83523108
Administration Office of Baixia District Court, Nanjing City: 86-25-83523167