(Clearwisdom.net) A young practitioner with his third eye open arrived from Taiwan to attend the annual Falun Dafa experience sharing conference there. He attended an anti-torture exhibition that was held in a small park in Washington D.C. The exhibit displayed some of the cruel tortures that practitioners in China are subjected to.

He saw that, in other dimensions, evil beings were everywhere in the DC area and even the bushes and the trees were against us. When branches tried to cause the young practitioner to stumble, they themselves withered and died in other dimensions. When practitioners turned on music boxes to practice the exercises, the evil extended their hands to try and stop the music. Since the practitioners had a good energy field and the music carried great strength, the attempt to interfere was immediately destroyed and eradicated.

During the candlelight vigil, the practitioner in charge repeatedly requested all the Falun Gong practitioners to coordinate with each other and rearrange the sitting areas. But most either did not move or acted very slowly. As the whole body did not act accordingly, it started to rain. When the time to send forth righteous thoughts came, some practitioners did not participate and some were drowsy. Meanwhile, in another dimension it was a vigorous and dynamic battle between good and evil. Practitioners had omissions, so their gaps were exploited, which in turn meant that our righteous thoughts were not strong enough to eliminate the evil. This in turn meant that the rain increased, drenching everyone from head to toe.

Upon entering the room where the experience sharing conference was to be held, the host repeatedly asked everyone to maintain quiet and to not walk around during presentations. The group seemed to pay little attention and at the back of the room people were still moving around and talking to each other, causing significant interruption and distraction to the conference after it was underway. People on one side of the conference hall were already ordering things to eat. The host repeatedly asked practitioners to stop talking, walking around, and ordering lunch during the presentations during the course of the day. Children also were not being attended to and were allowed to noisily run around through the halls of the conference site. In the afternoon, there were repeated "false" fire alarms that interrupted the conference, causing a loss of half-an-hour. Practitioners kept sending forth righteous thoughts. But why did this seem to be in vain?

Teacher said in "Teaching the Fa at the 2003 Midwest-U.S. Fa Conference," "Every time you have an event there's a big battle between good and evil in the heavens." The young practitioner saw continuous groups of evil beings coming to cause interference to the conference. Why we were unable to eliminate them? The young practitioner said that it was because our energy field was not righteous enough and so we couldn't shock and intimidate the evil. Some students did not respect the solemnity of the Dafa conference. This then created such troubles which interfered with the conference, especially for those who had traveled thousands of miles to attend. Not all practitioners can afford to come to a Fa conference as they wish. Some have to save up money and pass through many difficulties and obstacles to attend such a conference. Especially for those practitioners living outside of North America, it is not very easy for them to travel so far and they don't have many chances to see Teacher. It is a great chance for these practitioners to be able to listen to practitioners share experiences, and it is something that they greatly cherish. The hearts of the speakers can touch all practitioners and facilitate the whole body's elevation. Therefore, the evil is greatly afraid of this and so they act even more wildly and become even more frantic in their efforts to create a disturbance.

This young practitioner said that, although in other dimensions the evil has been greatly eliminated, the remaining rotten demons and dark minions are very capable. If our hearts aren't perfect, then they can and will take advantage of our gaps. Thus for any interference, we should first of all send forth righteous thoughts and then search inward for our own deficiencies. If we are all righteous and clear then the coming of the dark minions and the rotten demons is the signing of their own death warrant. A genuine cultivator emits a golden shining light and when the evil comes near it will disintegrate and vaporize instantly.