Due to the persecution, there are still many Dafa practitioners in Mainland China detained in prisons, labor camps, detention centers, mental hospitals, etc.. Following the process of Fa-rectification, many Dafa practitioners and their relatives have begun to take legal action to protect themselves and their families from the persecution. The lawsuits they filed have been sent to certain legal departments. To help avoid further suffering of additional Dafa practitioners because of the persecution and to save more sentient beings, we need to pay attention to legal actions taken by Dafa practitioners in different regions.

Harbin Dafa practitioner Li Lizhuang, and Daqing Dafa practitioner Zhang Zhong were illegally detained in Daqing prison, and the lawsuits they filed have been sent to Heilongjiang Provincial Superior Procuratorate, which has started to deal with this case. Zhang Zhong has been rescued from prison, while Li Lizhuang is still being detained. It is our hope that Dafa practitioners and other righteous people will call or send mail to urge the Heilongjiang Provincial Superior Procuratorate to investigate and collect evidence about the abusive situation at Daqing prison.

Heilongjiang Provincial Superior Procuratorate

Zip: 150090

Supervision department: 86-451-82360321

Investigation institute: 86-451-82360057, 86-451-82360053

Report center: 86-451-82360350