(Clearwisdom.net) An evaluation of the shooting incident on the night of June 28 in South Africa shows that there were five Falun Gong practitioners in the vehicle, yet only the driver, David Liang, was wounded in both legs and the car was damaged. There are some people who apparently do not take exception to an incident like this. They do not consider such a critical case of being shot by hired killers on a highway as being monstrous. In fact, if the details were to be carefully considered, one would see after calm and sober deliberation, the sinister and shocking nature of this crime.

Intent of the Premeditated Murder in South Africa - To Destroy the Car, Kill the Passengers, Conceal the Evidence and Escape Responsibility For the Crime

The intent lays in the plan to destroy the car, kill the passengers and destroy all evidence at the same time, thus escaping responsibility for the crime.

From the noticeable bullet holes on the car, left by the hired gunman, one can see that they are all at the level of the car tires. David Liang's injuries and the severe damage to the car all fit into a specific theory. It is obvious that the motive of the assassin was not to shoot at the people in the car, but to shoot at the base of the car, especially at the tires or the fuel tank. If he intended to shoot the people in the car, the assassin would have aimed higher. The wounds on David Liang's feet showed that the shots were fired at the lower part of the car. The extremely powerful AK47 bullets penetrated the body of the car.

At that moment, the car was traveling at 100 to 110 kilometers per hour (approximately 65 miles per hour), on a highway where 120 kilometers per hour speed was legal. The hired gun shot at the lower part of the car to make the tires blow out, causing the car to go into a spin and possibly overturn. Under such conditions it was highly likely that the fuel tank would ignite and explode. This would incinerate the car, including everyone in it, thus leaving no evidence of the car having been shot at.

The South African police in a very carefully worded statement insinuated that the incident was "attempted murder;" thus, the investigation was initiated with a reasonable explanation.

Even though the hired killers did not succeed in their deeply disturbing plan, the logical conclusion after careful analysis of the facts indicates a well-laid out, calculated plan, carried out with vicious and sinister intentions by those who would benefit most.

It is worth emphasizing that such forms of indirect murder of Falun Gong practitioners are typically and frequently used in China. Just to name a few: force feeding, strait jacket torture, and injections of nerve damaging drugs and other drugs that damage the body are also forms of indirect murder.

Devastating Nature of Forced Feeding -- Hundreds of Lives Lost

Inhuman force-feeding is one of the methods used to devastate Falun Gong practitioners. Given the frequency of the incidents, it has become known that force feedings are carried out in various forced labor camps and hospitals throughout China. Numerous cases during the persecution provide clear evidence that the forced feeding of Falun Gong practitioners on hunger strike in protest of the persecution is not done to nourish but to torture.

Those involved in the forced feeding are usually neither doctors nor nurses, but police, forced labor camps employees, or even criminal inmates. They tie up the Falun Gong practitioners, use metal tools to forcibly pry open their mouths, and in the process cut their lips, break their teeth and injure their throats. Thereafter, filthy, rough vulcanized rubber or plastic tubing without lubrication is inserted through the mouth or nasal cavity, so the force-feeding of the practitioners can proceed. In the process of inserting the tubes, they deliberately insert and withdraw the tubes several times to induce pain and suffering. Sometimes, after inserting the tubing, they move the tube in and out to damage the mouth, nasal cavity and the throat until they bleed. The nose, mouth and esophagus of the practitioners often bleed, and they suffer intense pain, feel nauseated, vomit and cough violently.

The so-called "food" is actually a concentrated salt solution, uncooked corn meal mixed with water, hot pepper solution, and even strong alcohol and medical stimulants. Some practitioners that were force-fed had hot chili powder sprinkled into their eyes and mouths, which caused unbearable pain. Some of the food was forced into the wind-pipe, which damaged the lungs. Some practitioners died from suffocation as a result of the food being forced into the lungs. A large number of Falun Gong practitioners have died on the spot. All the Falun Gong practitioners that were force-fed suffered bleeding from the mouth and nose, extensive swelling of the abdomen, and intense and unbearable pain in the stomach. Some even vomited large amounts of blood.

This obvious intent of this devastating force-feeding is to apply continuous torture until the practitioners can no longer endure the pain and abandon their resolve. Thus, the wicked people would have achieved their "transformation rate" quota, as required by the higher-level officials.

According to statistics, of the practitioners who have been tortured to death, 10% have died from forced-feeding.

"Strait jacket Torture" - Deaths Without Spilling Blood

The straitjacket torture - The jacket itself is made of fine canvas. It is put on the victim from the front and tightened from behind the back. The sleeves are about 10 inches (25 cm) longer than the victim's arms, and they have straps. They force practitioners to wear this jacket, and then cross and tie their arms behind their backs. Then they pull their arms up over their shoulders toward the front of their chests, tie up the practitioners' legs and hang them up in the air from windows. At the same time, they gag practitioners' mouths with cloth, put earphones in their ears and continuously play messages that slander Falun Dafa. According to an eyewitness account, both arms of the victims are immediately injured. The tendons and bones of the shoulders, elbows, and wrists are torn and fractured. When the torture is prolonged, the spinal cord is fractured and the result is an extremely painful death.

The Clearwisdom.net reported that certain people in the know at a Province administration of justice department revealed that the "strait jacket" torture was adopted by the "610 Office" (1) of the Central Government of Communist China and the various subordinate offices under its control.

In April, 2003, the "610 Office" of the Central Government of Communist China and its administration of justice department convened a meeting in Hebei Province. They ordered the forced labor camps to launch the so-called "Spring Thunder Operation." This was a "Concerted Effort in the Transformation" of Falun Gong practitioners. At the meeting, the "610 Office" of the Central Government of Communist China and its administration of justice department ordered the "advanced experience of transformation" at certain forced labor camps in Hebei and Shanxi Provinces. It meant that they were to use the "strait jacket" torture! The forced labor camps at various provinces were told to strictly carry out the order.

Soon after, on June 4, news was received that three Falun Gong practitioners had suddenly died at the Shibalihe Female Forced Labor Camp, Henan Province. After verification, it was found that the tragedy was caused by the forced labor camp using the "strait jacket" torture. On June 15, there was further news that since April 22, more Falun Gong practitioners were murdered by the same process, and that amongst the victims were elderly people of more than sixty years of age.

According to informed persons, every level of the "610 Office" received strict orders that the position of the police officers, their promotion or demotion, wages, bonuses and continued connection with the Office depended on carrying out these orders. Under the orders of the central "610 Office" , every local "610 Office" must coerce and instigate the forced labor camp personnel and the police officers to perform the savage tortures. After the occurrence of deaths, the central "610 Office" even explicitly announced: there must not be any investigations of the labor camps or the perpetrators of the related incidents.

Alarming Use of Various Dangerous Medications -- Several Thousand Persons Persecuted, Dozens Killed, Nearly a Hundred Such Cases in Hospitals

On March 3, 2003, Clearwisdom.net published a letter from a retired worker from the Dalian Port Office, Liaoning Province that described in detail the experience of having been injected with dangerous and damaging drugs at the Lushun 215 Unit of the Mental Hospital. This caused deep concern among the people. Discussed below is the detailed record of the Mental Hospital

conducting the secretive, disturbing and poisonous persecution against Falun Gong practitioners.

"I was detained in the mental hospital for over four months, during which I always felt dizzy and drowsy from the daily injections of the medicine. I also felt nauseous and weak, and my body retained water and became bloated. My whole body had become totally disfigured. What was even more painful was that I was required every morning to go with the mental patients to a "club" for the so-called "mental treatments," which included singing and dancing. The two of us could only sit in the last row and recite the Fa.

"Four months later, the Ward Chief contacted my work unit and they sent someone to pick me up. When I left the hospital, the Chief walked me to the front entrance with guilt written all over his face. Not long after leaving the hospital, my eyes began to fester, and even opening them became difficult. The insides and outsides of my ears also started to fester and ooze yellow fluid, as did my scalp and neck. It caused itchiness and heart-wrenching pain.

I finally began to understand the significance of the Ward Chief's expression, as well as the guilty look that was written all over his face . He was well aware of the side effects of the medication I was injected with. He clearly knew what the medication would do to me.

"After that, I read on the Net about the many Falun Gong practitioners that were persecuted at the Mental Hospital. One Falun Gong practitioner asked the doctor why, although he had no hatred or enmity toward the doctor, why the doctor treated him like that. The doctor replied that he had no alternative, as the orders came from above. The doctor could not sacrifice his employment because of him. The doctor asked him not to run away as it would not be any use, because he would either waste away or die. Even the hospital could do nothing about it.

The festering began in the summer of 2002. To date, the insides and outsides of my ears and scalp still ooze yellow fluid. The worst festering that I endured occurred during the two years between 2000 and 2002. Were it not for being a Falun Gong practitioner, I would have become completely consumed and possibly would have died. Old acquaintances that saw me couldn't bear to see me looking like that, and after learning what had happened, they all cried, and commented that the Party is so harmful, damaging all that is good and decent!"

According to incomplete statistics, the indiscriminate misuse of psychotropic drugs to persecute Falun Gong practitioners is prevalent throughout China. Several thousand mentally sound Falun Gong practitioners have been forcibly sent to mental hospitals and drug addict's rehabilitation centers. Many were forcibly injected or force-fed with various types of nerve damaging drugs. They were also subjected to electric shocks, being tied up with ropes for prolonged periods, and force-fed. Amongst them are many who had been imprisoned for lengthy periods, with most serving more than two years. Because of such atrocious treatment, a number of them are suffering from loss of sight, and some have become hard of hearing. Some are completely or partially paralyzed, some of them are suffering from amnesia, some have become mentally disturbed, becoming slow in their reaction, some have emotional instability, some have disappeared, some suffered serious internal injuries, and dozens have died. There are at least a hundred provincial, municipal, county and regional mental hospitals involved in the persecution.

From the Zeng Qinghong hired killers case in South Africa to the Jiang group's persecution of Falun Gong practitioners who live by the principles, "Zhen, Shan and Ren" (Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance), one can see their fundamental evil nature. They use a lot of devious and indirect methods to kill practitioners without spilling any blood. More and more people have clearly seen that the Jiang group's regarding "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance" as the enemy reveals their fundamental nature: sinister, violent and without scruples. To condemn and eradicate this malignant tumor in human society is not only a necessity for the future of the world, it is also the combined responsibility of every one of us.


(1) "610 Office": an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems.