On March 14, 1994, Teacher went to Tianjin City to give lectures for a second time. The lectures were given in the Bayi Auditorium of Tianjin City, which could accommodate more than 1,100 people. I heard from a practitioner who came with Teacher that Teacher already had a full schedule for the year, but he still managed to find time for these lectures because he had received numerous invitations from Tianjin.

It was the second time that Teacher lectured in Tianjin, and people there already had a positive impression of Dafa. Many people came to hear the lectures, and among them there were several hundred practitioners from Beijing. There were so many attendees that many Tianjin practitioners couldn't get a ticket to enter the auditorium. On the first day many of them stood in the yard outside the auditorium and were unwilling to leave. The people on duty told Teacher about their situation. Then Teacher found some time in the morning to give one more lecture especially for these people. After the lecture and before they left, many practitioners saw Teacher leave from the side gate of the auditorium while they were still in the auditorium yard. The practitioners crowded around Teacher, took out their Dafa books, and asked Teacher to sign them. It was very crowded and hectic. At the time an elderly practitioner from Tianjin said to the crowd: "Teacher is tired now. He is going to give another lecture tonight. Please give him some time to have a rest." However, the practitioners wouldn't let go of the precious chance. Teacher said to them: "Please wait in a line and I will sign for you one by one." He then started to sign the books for the practitioners. I was close by at the time, and I could sense Teacher's immense compassion.

Teacher was also invited by the People's Broadcasting Station of Tianjin City to introduce Falun Gong to the public on a hot-line program, where he answered questions telephoned in from audience members. This was a very successful program.

May 24, 2004