(Clearwisdom.net) On the morning of April 10, 2004 the air was filled with freshness and the sunshine was bright. After a long winter, spring had arrived in Edmonton. Beside the largest farmer market of the city, cars and trucks created a lot of traffic, but the pedestrians were attracted to a symbolic public trial of Jiang Zemin in the nearby park. Some people watched the trial, some asked for information, some read the display board carefully, and some signed their names on the petition postcards. This was the third time that Edmonton practitioners have held a symbolic trial of Jiang in the park.

Passersby want to know more about the facts

TV station reporter interviews a practitioner

Jiang Zemin is the chief culprit responsible for the persecution of Falun Gong. Out of his jealousy, he started the persecution of Falun Gong in 1999, a brutal suppression which has been widely criticized by the international community. In October 2002, Jiang visited America, where he was sued in a Chicago court for genocide. Since then, other lawsuits against Jiang have been launched in many countries. According to a recent report, Jiang has been sued for genocide and torture in the United States, Spain, Taiwan, Germany, Korea and Belgium.

On March 12, 2004 Canadian citizen and art professor Zhang Kunlun hired attorneys David Matas and Lawrence Greespon and brought a criminal lawsuit against Jiang Zemin and other persecutors to Canada's Minister of Justice, Mr. Irwin Cotler.

In order to let more people learn the truth, many universities and cities in Canada have held symbolic public trials to bring Jiang to justice. The trials are based on facts, witnesses, and testimony. The public prosecutor exposed the campaign launched by Jiang and carried out by "610 Office" that persecuted the Falun Gong practitioners mentally, physically and economically. After all the facts were revealed, the "Judge" ruled that criminal charges had been established.

With Falun Gong practitioners' steadfast truth-clarification, more and more people have learned the truth about the persecution in China and the crimes committed by Jiang and his followers. They also learned that Jiang has extended the persecution overseas, propagated hatred in foreign countries, and trampled on human morality and conscience.

During the hour-long symbolic trial, several hundred postcards supporting Professor Zhang Kunlun's lawsuit against Jiang were signed by spectators. The largest local TV station, "A-Channel," ran a detailed report on the event.