(Clearwisdom.net) Shengyang City Longshan Reform School has never stopped persecuting Dafa practitioners during the past several years. Their latest crimes are listed below:

A Disabled Dafa Practitioner is Persecuted

Ms. Wang Yuying is a disabled practitioner. She has congenital problems with her hands, feet, and legs, along with severe nearsightedness. In November 2003, she was wrongfully confined in the Longshan Reform School. She was punished with physical abuse and forced to do heavy labor. When the prison guards found out that she had told the people around her the real story about Falun Gong, they started to bully her.

Originally, she had recovered from her health problems through practicing Falun Gong. However, under such persecution, she began to constantly twitch throughout her whole body; she had much difficulty taking in food, and had urinary incontinence. She stayed in bed and could not get up. Nine days later, she was finally sent to a hospital. The examination showed that her cerebellum had atrophied. The doctor said, "There is no way to cure such a condition. A patient can only take rest and nourishment to regain his or her health. The condition will worsen if she is not taken good care of. There is even a risk of paralysis." Several days later, Ms. Wang was sent home.

However, in less than a month, around the middle of February of this year, Tang Yubao, a prison guard from the second brigade, went to Ms. Wang's home, took advantage of her family's absence, and forcibly took her to a hospital for a so-called "examination." He also lied to her and told her that she would be sent back home the same day as long as she went through the procedure of "out on bail for medical treatment" after obtaining the "results of the examination." However, the fact was that Tang Yubao did not ask the doctor to do any tests on Ms. Wang's brain. The doctor said he needed to take an X-ray of her brain. Tang said there was no need. He also did not allow Ms. Wang to bring the original X-ray film from home. He then, took her back to the reform school and continued the persecution.

Currently, Ms. Wang is in a very dangerous situation. She has very bad headaches and cannot sleep. She cannot eat, and vomits every day. She has not eaten anything for five or six days. She is filled with despair. Even in this kind of situation, Tang Yubao is still viciously abusing her.

Gao Rongrong Is Persecuted

Ms. Gao Rongrong was illegally taken to Longshan Reform School. Tang Yubao brutally slapped her in the face because she yelled, "Falun Dafa is good!". She lost hearing in one ear as a result. She was punished with being made to continuously squat down around the clock for four days, which left her body in a very bad state. The reform school also forced her to do heavy labor (at least 12 hours a day). She was persecuted until her heart was beating dangerously fast, her four limbs were without strength, her whole body felt pain, and her abdomen swelled and ached. Also, she had hepatitis symptoms, including nausea. The prison doctor in the reform school said the symptoms were caused by abuse, but he had no way of giving treatment. After Ms. Gao and her family's numerous requests, the reform school agreed to give her an examination. Tang Yubao craftily took Ms. Gao to a small hospital in Dadong District and did not let her blood be tested according to regular procedures. However, he asked the hospital to take a useless ultrasound, colluded with the prison doctor, and said that everything was normal. He wanted to force Ms. Gao to work. We saw Ms. Gao's condition get worse and worse. She feels nauseous, vomits all day long, and cannot eat. She is getting thinner and thinner and is in a dangerous situation.

Many other practitioners are also being persecuted here. Wang Xiuyuan is on hunger strike to protest his unlawful detention. Zhang Xiaoli's prison term has been extended for three months because she went on a hunger strike. Gao Yaxian's term has been extended six months since she did not cooperate with the evil guards. Ren Shujie was shocked with electric batons because she refused to "be reformed." Handicapped practitioner Huang Shixiang was beaten up for no reason by Tang Yubao and her face was so battered that she did not go out for a meal or talk for two days. Li Baozhu is still being detained even though she has hypertension.

Earlier on, because of the problems with practitioners not being allowed to receive visits, the backbreaking labor, and the physical abuse meant to force practitioners to "reform," many practitioners in the first and second brigades went on hunger strikes to demand an explanation. Some practitioners who once went astray declared that their so-called "reformation" was under coercion and was null and void. They returned and rejoined the course of Fa-rectification. All of this terrified the prison guards of the Longshan Reform School.

Now, we sincerely hope all people who follow Jiang Zemin in persecuting Falun Gong practitioners abandon their evil ways and embrace goodness, thus leaving a good future for themselves. At the same time, we call on the kindhearted people in all social classes within the country and overseas to help end the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners in Mainland China, including the Longshan Reform School. Help free Falun Gong practitioners who are being unlawfully detained.

Country code: 86; Area code: 24

The persons in charge of Shenyang City Longshan Reform School

Telephone number: 24760033

Dean: Li Fengshi
Chief of Second Brigade: Tang Yubao, Wang Jinghui, telephone number: 24761735, 24761745
Head of Administration Office: Wei Mintang, Deputy Head: Jiang Yubo
Prison Doctor: Li Wuyi
Address: Lizigou Village, Zhujia Town, Dongli District, Shenyang City, Liaoning Province, 110173

Higher Level Authorities Involved:

Shenyang City Judicatory Bureau

Address: 230-3 Qingnian Road, Shenghe District, Shengyang City, 110014

Telephone numbers: 22705105, 22824238, 22826072
Director: Zheng Chaoquan; Deputy Director: Zhang Xiansheng; 22854589 (work number)
Section Chief of Forced Labor Education Administration: Li Rongchen