(Clearwisdom.net) Dafa practitioner Mr. Shang Shuichi was a 49-year-old physical education teacher in Wuliang Middle School in Wuliang Town of Yuzhou City. After he began practicing Falun Gong in 1997, all of his illnesses disappeared. He also learned the principles for being a good person, and he was highly praised by the teachers and students at his school.

On July 20, 1999, Jiang's regime started to persecute Falun Gong. Mr. Shang Shuichi went to Beijing's Tiananmen Square four times to clarify the truth about Falun Gong.

Mr. Shang's second visit to Tiananmen Square was right after the Chinese New Year in 2000. Police from his hometown's "610 Office"(1) arrested and sent him to the No. 2 Detention Center of the Yuzhou Police Department, where he was detained for over four months and suffered all kinds of violent abuse. For a long time he was locked up with criminal inmates. Police also moved him around frequently, and each time he was moved to a new cell he would suffer from even harsher abuses.

Because he kept on practicing Falun Gong, criminal inmates often reported him to the police. Detention Center Deputy Head Wang Haiyang would handcuff his hands at the back, with one hand from above one shoulder to the back and the other reaching up from behind. He would be handcuffed this way for several days, even when eating, sleeping or going to the toilet. As Shang Shuichi could not move his arms to do the Falun Gong exercises, he sat crossed--legged to meditate. When deputy head Wang Haiyang found out, he put Mr. Shang into 20 lbs. shackles and forced him to walk back and forth in the yard.

When Shang was walking in shackles, policeman Guo Guanglin pushed and kicked him from behind. Guo also hit him with an electric baton and rubber club to force him to walk faster. The shackles cut into the skin on the feet to the point where the bone was exposed. His feet were bleeding. Still he was not allowed to stop walking. Even in such a dire situation, Shang Shuichi kept on reciting the Fa and practicing the exercises. Whenever policeman Li Gang saw Shang doing the exercises, he would force Shang to stick his head out of an observation hole on the metal door. This hole was so small that sometimes his face got scratched; other times the ears got cut. Policeman Li Gang even grabbed his hair and pulled his head out through the hole. In the winter, police doused him with cold water from his head to his toes. In the summer, they forced him to stand under the sun for extended periods of time. The police often slapped Mr. Shang on the face, sometimes with a shoe. One time, policeman Guo Guanglin put Mr. Shang in shackles and then forced him to stand on the edge of a raised flower bed while only his toes supported the whole body. His heels were in the air. Without warning, Guo suddenly stepped on the shackles. Shang fell down backward and his whole body hit the concrete floor, hitting his head on the ground as well. This type of abuse happened many times.

Wang Haiyang told the police to pay special attention to Shang. Wang also told the criminal inmates to hit and insult Shang whenever he tries to clarify the truth or does the Falun Gong exercises. Indeed, the criminals often punched, slapped and kicked Mr. Shang. People in the neighboring cells could hear the beatings. Sometimes several people would hold him and threw his head against the wall.

One evening, when Shang was ready to empty the portable toilet for the cell, policeman Feng forced him to say swear words against Master Li. He refused, so the police didn't allow him to empty the toilet (the toilet bucket in each cell was emptied only twice a day) and asked him to take it back into the cell. Then the people in the same cell would have no place to relieve themselves since it was full. When Mr. Shang had to carry the full toilet back, all his cellmates blamed and swore at him because they could not use the toilet.

After he had served his full term, deputy head of the police department Li Jinliang demanded to receive 2,000 Yuan as a "fine" before he signed off on the release form. In addition, Shang's family had to pay others off to buy him out. The total extortion of the family totaled more than 5,000 Yuan.

In the summer of 2000, Yuzhou City's Political and Judiciary Committee held a brainwashing class. While in the brainwashing class, Shang Shuichi refused to write a guarantee statement and continued practicing Falun Gong. As a result he was arrested and detained in the Second Detention Center for the second time. This time he suffered even more inhuman tortures. When his family and relatives got him out, he was in terrible shape: his ankles and wrists were still bleeding and red spots covered his back. Like last time, the family bought him out with over 4,000 Yuan in extortion money to several people, including a 1,000 Yuan "fine" demanded by deputy police head Li Jinliang.

Around the New Year of 2001, the police harassed Shang Shuichi frequently. Once the head of the township's Political and Security Committee Li Jinjie led dozens of people to go to Shang's house. At the same time, township police head Luo Dongjun and five other policemen also arrived. After they blocked the doorway, dozens of policemen rushed to arrest Shang. Neighbors came to the rescue, "Shang Shuichi always volunteers to repair the road and helps people. He is a good person. How come you don't go after the bad guys but always mess with good people?" Fearing the angry neighbors, Li Jinjie and Luo Dongjun told Shang Shuichi to discuss the issue inside his home. Shang Shuichi escaped, went into hiding and could not return home.

Police station head Luo Dongjun twisted his ankle during this action. Feeling angry and humiliated, he arrested Shang's wife, his first daughter-in-law, and another woman and took them into detention.

Before the Chinese New Year of 2001, Mr. Shang Shuichi went to Beijing again to appeal for Falun Gong. Before the trip he told his elderly father, "I am a Dafa practitioner. It is my responsibility to validate Dafa. I must go!" In Beijing he unfurled a banner and shouted "Falun Dafa is good" in Tiananmen Square. Immediately, several policemen threw him to the ground, and punched and kicked him. Later they threw him into a police van and drove off to Chaoyang District Detention Center. As soon as he stepped in the entrance of the detention center, an armed police officer kicked him in the groin. He fell hard to the ground. The policeman did not stop there and kicked him repeatedly.

While in the detention center, Shang Shuichi went on a hunger strike for eight days to protest the illegal detention. The police violently fed him with a saline solution. Each time they forced-fed a practitioner, that person was made to swallow 1.5 kg of salt water (about 3 quarts). Under such harsh torture, Shang still refused to disclose his name and address. Because the authorities often used the tactic of "guilty by association," practitioners' families, employers and local governments would be penalized if the practitioner told his name. So practitioners often choose not to tell their names. Later, the police locked the practitioners who refused to give their names into a room and released a poison gas into the room. After one day, no one had any reaction to the poison. Police then began to mix some chemicals into the steamed buns that were given to the inmates. At that time, Shang was still on a hunger strike. The police sent in an agent who pretended to be a practitioner. He talked Shang out of the hunger strike, and got him to eat the buns.

Two days after he began eating the buns, Mr. Shang started to feel dizzy, so he stopped eating on day three. But it was too late; he had already been poisoned. His cheeks turned a greenish color. Other practitioners who were more severely poisoned had dark finger nails. To check the practitioners' condition, police drew their blood to do a lab test. In order to dodge responsibility, when they saw anyone in serious condition, the police would drive that person to a deserted Beijing suburb. They would force the near unconscious practitioner to jump out of the car. They didn't care whether the practitioner was killed or was left alive. When this happened to Shang Shuichi, they dumped him there with bare feet and wearing only a thin sweater. The police had stripped him of all his winter clothes. After he was forced to jump out of the car, he walked and crawled in the freezing snow. The temperature was about 14 degrees Fahrenheit. Later he found a train track and walked along it till he was too exhausted to walk and passed out.

Early next morning, a railroad worker found him lying on the ground, barely breathing. He was sent to a motel at the train station. When he regained consciousness, an older man told him, "You are not the first one like this. I have seen quite a few before. You were poisoned because you practiced Falun Gong." Shang told the man his name and address. When his older son arrived, Shang was already in a semi-conscious state. He frequently passed out. He could no longer walk. His legs were so swollen that he couldn't even remove his pants. The bottom of his feet and toes were dark and stiff, as if they were burned. A deep scar was clearly visible on his feet near the toes.

At home, his spirit remained very strong. Although he was suffering from grave pain, he never groaned. He struggled between a coma and consciousness and never asked for food, but water, as there was still much salt forced-fed into his body by the police. When he woke up he told his wife, "Had I not practiced Falun Gong, I would have died in that Beijing detention center. The police there were really cruel and violent!" Within several days, the flesh on his toes festered, and one segment of toe was gone. Day by day his breathing became more difficult. When he tried to speak, all he could do was to move his lips silently. After he went into a coma, his son took him to Yuzhou First People's Hospital. When family members took care of him, they heard rattling sounds coming from his lungs. An X-ray exam revealed four broken ribs on his left side. His lungs were severely infected. His feet were festering, with pus oozing from the bottom of his feet. Later, Shang was transferred to another hospital, where he passed away within a day, 18 days after he came home.

Shang Shuichi left the world on February 20, 2001 with a smile on his face. Three days later when he was buried, his body was still soft and his face was still smiling.

Prior to his death, right after Shang had got home, the city and township police tried to arrest him. They left him alone only after they saw his condition. A few days later they came again to make an arrest. This time they also took his photo. Later the police made up a story saying that "Shang had hidden in a cave and suffered from starvation and cold weather. A shepherd found him and returned him home."

(Note: Shang Shuichi's death was reported on Clearwisdom Net in March 2003, http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2003/3/5/32932.html, this article contains several corrections to the previous one.)

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(1) The 610 Office is an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political or judicial systems.