One afternoon in late 2000, when another fellow practitioner and I were printing materials that clarified the truth about the persecution of Falun Dafa in a rented place, we were suddenly surrounded by police. We could hear loud voices outside. One policeman shouted, "Hurry up and bring the key over!", and this was followed by the jangling of keys. They tried several different keys, and I guessed that those keys were master keys that could open any lock. The police not only switched keys, but also switched people in trying to open the door.

During the course of their loud attempts to open the door, we did not feel panicked at all; instead, we were very composed. We wrapped the machine up nicely with a cotton quilt. We also tied up our materials, and after finding a suitable location, we put them away. At that time, if we were thinking like ordinary people, we would have concluded: "Since the policemen would get in right away, what's the use of wrapping the machine and materials up so well?" However, we really had no such thoughts at the time. We only wanted to protect the materials well, and we knew we certainly could not let the policemen take them away. After putting things away, we burned some very important information. Throughout our endeavor, we worked in a very calm fashion.

They continued trying to unlock the door for nearly an hour and a half. Eventually, they lost their patience. I heard them ask a person to remain outside and look after the door, and the rest of them went out to get something to eat. After we waited for a while, both of us thought: "We shouldn't stay here. Let's go!" We walked over and pushed open the anti-theft gate. This metal gate had already become rusty, so it made a very loud noise while opening. When we stepped out, we almost bumped into the plain-clothes policeman watching the door. We quickly glanced at him, and we found that he stood stupefied with a novel in his hand. We first squeezed by him and walked a few stories upstairs. After noticing that it remained quiet downstairs, we contemplated a bit and said to each other: "Let's go. There is nothing to worry about!" When we once again passed by the person watching the door, he was still in the same position as before. We passed by him with no problems.

Only after exiting the building did we start feeling that our experience was somewhat unbelievable. We smiled at each other, waved, and then went home.

Twenty days later, when we returned to that small room again, we found all the materials still intact. We quickly transferred these so that they could continue to play a role in saving the sentient beings.