(Clearwisdom.net) On December 31, 2003, three fellow practitioners and I sent forth righteous thoughts. I saw a very big ship on the shore. The sea was clear, and the water and sky looked as if they were connected in the distance. It was very beautiful. Many Dafa practitioners walked onto the ship from the shore. Teacher was standing at the front of the ship. After everyone stepped on board, the sails were raised and the ship began moving forward.

Soon dark clouds covered the sky, and the sea began turning darker and darker. Gusts of wind blew dark waves up very high and the ship started to shake. Huge waves became stronger and stronger. Most of the people stood steadily on the deck, and a few people ran towards the cabins in the center. Some of them accidentally fell into the sea. A huge wave came in and a huge monster broke the mast. More people fell into the sea. Teacher and the people on board reached out to save those in the water. Some climbed up onto the ship, some were pulled up onto the ship by Teacher and other people. Some people did not reach out for help and did not look up at the ship. Teacher and the people on board called out to them but they seemed as if they did not hear. They only concentrated on looking at the dark, dirty water.

Teacher changed the broken mast to a new gold one, and there was a shining golden character, "BUDDHA," on the sail. The ship was surrounded by Faluns, and then it turned into a golden ship. At this time, the people in the sea started to look back at the ship and raised up their hands. Teacher and the people on board also reached out to them. However, it was too late as the ship had already sailed too far away and could not reach them anymore.

The ship flew up towards the distant sky. The sky became clear, the sea became calm and clean, and everything was shining with a golden color.

January 19, 2004