(Clearwisdom.net) Last fall, the police discovered the location of our information distribution center. I was among the several practitioners who were arrested, but with Master's help, I escaped right in front of them fifteen hours later.

We had lost contact with a practitioner who distributed materials, but we didn't pay much attention to it because this had occurred before. As a matter of fact, Master had given us many hints about this. However, this time, when I went to the usual place for group study and opened the door, I found over twenty policemen there. The room was a mess. A young policeman came from behind and pushed me into the room, while the rest of the police encircled me and began interrogating me. I kept silent. Then they took my picture. From their conversation, I knew that some practitioner had not maintained his xinxing [moral character] well, and this was the outcome. They had already arrested a practitioner here last night. I felt very sorry. I began sending forth righteous thoughts in hopes of protecting other practitioners. As for myself, I felt confident I would be able to escape soon.

They took me to police headquarters. Several groups of people took turns interrogating me, but I remained silent. The young policeman assigned to watch me cuffed me to a chair. I kept sending forth righteous thoughts. My mind became so pure that I felt that my mind was completely blank and I was already outside the building. Curiously, I felt some numbness in my right wrist. Then I felt energy flowing out from my wrist and something there was growing bigger in ever widening circles. When I lowered my head to look, I found that the handcuffs had almost fallen off my wrists. Tears immediately came to my eyes as I realized that Master was taking care of me. This strengthened my confidence in my righteous thoughts and in my ability to deny the old forces' arrangements.

At about 5:00 p.m., they took me to a hotel where they usually hold brainwashing classes. Everywhere in the hallways on the first floor, steel mesh was put up to prevent escape. One policeman was in front of me; the other followed closely behind me. They put me in the innermost room, with two people guarding outside. When we were in the car on the way to the hotel, they called to report that this time they had one "that's very valuable." I thought that whatever they said meant nothing; only what Master says counts.

The policemen cuffed me to the steel mesh covering the window, despite the fact that it was raining hard with strong gusts of wind and I had only a short sleeve shirt on. They tried various means to force me to confess to their fabricated charges. They pretended to be nice then became threatening then begged me. I steadfastly rejected them and did not answer anything. Many of them had a good understanding of Falun Gong practitioners and their peaceful belief, but they still continued their criminal acts. After finding that nothing worked, one of them pulled out a warrant, waved it in front of me and said, "According to the new law, you can be sentenced without a confession." However, I was still unmoved by these threats.

A large group of people came in the evening to discuss taking turns watching me, and decided that they would work in teams of two in eight-hour shifts. It was particularly cold that night, and they complained bitterly to each other. I went on a hunger strike, refusing food and water. The head of the political and security department said to me very angrily, "We'll force feed you tomorrow." His threat did not affect me at all. A new group of people came at midnight. Seeing that the confession paper was blank, they made a brief try but gave up quickly. Then they decided to let me rest for a while. One of them went out to ask for instructions, and to take some more precautionary measures. He told the other policeman in a low voice, "You guard him for the first half of the night, and I'll guard him the second half."

A short while later, I was able to open the handcuffs, but the two policemen were still awake. The hours of 1:00 a.m., 2:00 a.m., and 2:30 a.m. passed, but the police were still watching TV. I knew this wouldn't continue all night so I was not affected and kept sending forth righteous thoughts that other practitioners would not go to the information distribution center and that I would be able to leave before dawn.

After sending forth righteous thoughts at 3:00 a.m., I asked Master for support and called on all practitioners around the world for help. Immediately I felt a strong energy flow throughout my whole body; it formed a large field around me. I stood up, opened the door, and walked out of the room while the two policemen were dozing off. I thought of getting another practitioner to go with me, but was not sure which room he was in. I decided that I should leave so I could warn the other practitioners to avoid the compromised material site first.

After walking through a long corridor, I found that the glass door in the hall was locked and someone was guarding it. I turned back. I had come this far; I would not be stopped. I made a hard decision and went to the second floor. The windows were not locked, and I was prepared to jump. However, upon opening a window, I found a rope hanging all the way down from the roof. I could not describe what I felt at that time. The second floor was very high. If I jumped, it would definitely make a loud noise, so I climbed slowly down the rope, which would have been a difficult task for me if it were not for Master's help (I normally could not even lift a forty pound bag of rice). After coming down the rope to the back yard, I climbed over the fence and came to the front yard, then walked straight out of the gate in front of the guard's eyes.

I notified practitioners immediately and asked them to send forth righteous thoughts. I went to the place where we stored our large equipment. Seeing no one there, I felt bad. I thought I had to get the equipment moved as soon as possible. I found some practitioners and asked them to move the equipment while I went back to my residence to move other equipment and some practitioners' articles. My mindset at the time was the same as it was on my journey to Tianamen Square -- not knowing what was ahead of me, but knowing I had to go.

Because a practitioner had succumbed to the police and told them the whereabouts of the equipment, two practitioners got arrested while moving the equipment. The police put them in the same hotel I had been in. This time they had three policemen guarding each practitioner. One policeman told a practitioner that he would kill himself if he let her run away while under his nose as he had with me. Nonetheless, she escaped from under his nose at 7:00 the next morning. The other practitioner was sent home after twenty days of being on a hunger strike. Three days later he was sent to the Shayang Farm Forced Labor Camp in spite of his extremely weak body. Another practitioner went on a hunger strike for ten days. Guards force-fed him with highly concentrated salt-water, gave him IV injections, cuffed him, and hung him up. Nonetheless, with his righteous thoughts, he succeeded in taking the keys from the bag of the department manager, opened his handcuffs and shackles, and escaped.

The destruction of the information center by the police was due to the evils' interference, but it was also because we did not do well as a whole. It was by no means caused by any one individual's action. However, because we were able to find our own shortcomings and elevate our understanding of the Fa, those of us with proper thoughts and actions all escaped with Master's help and rejoined the giant force of Fa-rectification. We denied the old-force's arrangements and effectively suppressed the evil.

The interference I experienced in writing this article was quite severe. Later I realized that it was because I was thinking incorrectly, taking the writing as a matter of individual cultivation, and not regarding it as fulfilling a need for Dafa. As a result, the evil interfered with me endlessly. In addition, a fellow practitioner pointed out that the evil often tries to interfere with the things it fears the most.

Teacher said, "The cultivation is up to you, gong is up to the master." (Zhuan Falun) A practitioner with proper thoughts and actions can deny the arrangements of the old forces. Practitioners must reflect the state of divine beings in this human world. If the mind is stable and steadfast, we will be able to show our capabilities and apply our power to its full extent.